The Relics (Kick Ass)
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The Relics (Kick Ass)

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | SELF

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | SELF
Band Rock Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Exclusive Interview with tHe ReLiCs"

“Four old dudes playing punk? Pass.” my friend responded.

I’ve been trying to get my friend out to see The Relics live for awhile now. He’s been reluctant since the first time I told him about them. Not that I can blame him either. On face value, it almost sounds passable. Four older punks? Yeah, how many times have you heard that one?

For Arizona rockstars The Relics, however, it’s not to be passed.

The Relics‘ namesake is a play on the fact that all four band members are no younger than 38, with most of them nearing the big five-o. If it wasn’t for the band themselves coming up with the name, you’d think that they hadn’t noticed. Comprised of Vic Tims (vox/guitar), D. Tease (bass/back vox), Danny Wall (lead guitar/back vox), and Terry Silvius (drums), the band is known for their grueling DIY ethics, which consist of playing any and everywhere at the drop of a hat. Regardless of who is headlining, The Relics are ready to rock n’ roll as if they’re the only act on the bill; usually resulting in out-performing their peers. Their set-list, comprised of originals and covers, is a well-thought out one. The group tends to catch everyone off guard by jumping into covers from the likes of the Stooges and Motorhead, with an occasional Johnny Thunder and Misfits tune. Not too bad for bunch of middle-aged guys.
“We show up early and stay late. Everybody should. I think that’s what a scene is.”
- D. Tease

And that’s just the point. The group isn’t cashing in on a fad, or playing up to a hot scene. They’re playing what they grew up on; what they were around to see first-hand. That’s what separates the Relics from most of the local acts. “Detroit was a great place to grow up with hard ass garage rock. We didn’t call it punk.” Tease says. “The first time I saw Punk as something exotic and special was hearing ‘Gary Gilmore’s Eyes’ by the Adverts on a midnight radio show, in…1977?”

Not to be overshadowed by their covers, the band boosts an equally impressive set-list of originals. Hardly a mere cover band, the Relics take the stuff they’ve grown up on and mesh it with a modern style, which results in something that punks from the old school and new school can all relate to. Their songwriting is just as diverse as their audience, and their attitude is as unapologetic as a punk band should be. With it’s straight-forward guitar pulse, “I Dig Your Grave” is a hilarious, but yet still morbid take on necrophilia. The more traditional rock n’ roll “Stupid Love Song” is a testament for those who have ever had a prison sentence. “WarGasm“, with it’s dark and brooding bass line, puts the listener in the shoes of a deranged mind whose been in the trenches far too long.
“The lyrics in the songs I wrote are a little more light hearted and deal with life’s everyday little problems and miseries”, said Dan. “Vic and Tease wrote the more darker lyrics on the other songs about death, necrophilia, war and so forth”.

Necrophilia, shell shock, leaving your loved one behind scattered in a desert….
“We try to write from experience.”

Sick shit? Sure. Relatable sick shit? Maybe. Relatable sick shit that’s incredibly catchy? Bulls-eye. In fact, the band dares you to walk away without a song stuck in your head.

“Here now, gone tomorrow” has never been more true than when it comes to the great punk bands, and the Relics are obviously well-aware of this. They were there when punk music started it’s legacy, and the band hopes to leave one of their own. More appropriately, a legacy that won’t be recognized until long after their gone. “Johnny Thunders and the NY Dolls”, said Vic ” were only around for two years, played fewer than fifty gigs, and changes the face of music.”

Longing for the days of shit-quality bootlegs and tape-trading in the “underground”, they frequently encourage people bring a video camera to document the show. The band wants the audience to be as much part of the band, as the members are, wheteher than means taping the show or jumping ont he mic and singing their favorite cover song.
“The thought that people dont go OUT TO SEE A BAND as much saddens me, but ours is an entertainment-driven society and the fact is there is a lot of stuff to do. Throw in the smoking ban and tough DUI laws and it becomes difficult for a local rock and roll band to ask for folks’ entertainment dollar. But y’know, if your product is a quality one and WORTH that entertainment dollar word gets around.”
- Vic Tims

With a rich background in the punk genre, the band acknowledges the irony of just now recording their first 6-song E.P. “High and Lonesome”. Vic Tims said “We love playin live and we stay pretty busy at it, plus y’know family and work and stuff, kids, grandkids…couple that with a sketchy drummer situation til we found Terry, it all adds up…with Terry locked in we’re kickin ass, lotsa new material, the juices are flowin!” - the soop


EP-High and Lonesome '08



PhOeNiX AriZoNA OuTLaW PuNk RAwKErS who miraculously survived the original melee in the 70's (Subject to debate: the start of "Punk Rock" ???) to meet 30 years (damn) later to wreak havoc upon this wasteland in teh desert.. OriGiNal ReLiCs MaYhEM and ClasSiCk CoVerS combine the raw power of the Stooges n The Clash, the punishing roar of Motorhead, the heroin-fueled riffs of Johnny Thunders, the nihilistic fury of The Dead Boys, SexPistoLs, Misfits, Damned and Sham 69... oh yes kiddies, here we have all of your classic punk, pre-punk and OutLaW PuNk (tm) favorites and more simply waiting to BLOW THE ACCUMULATED GREY MATTER RIGHT OUTA YER HEAD!!!! Warning:AdDiCtIvE!

ViC stays busy with Guitar Abuse lessons on teh Westsiide and also provides a complete Garage Rawk Experience to any youngsters that are crazy enuff to try this stuff! One of his protege bands Fallen Glory opened for us at sum all ages shows D. put together. With an ORIGINAL tune in teh set! And they rocked. And then broke up. Welcome to teh life.

D. is lurking around downtown somewhere with friends and family. Plotting. Apparently he has internet access. He won't tell us what he is up to. Maybe that's best.

TiTs has plenty of time to wax his Harley and his head when he is not workin it out behind a kit. Terry has an ever expanding collection of spandex apparel and mullet wigs that he would be glad to discuss with you.

Gettin out and sharing our passion with friends, family and fans helps keep us young and fired-up. I LuV this music!