The Relicts

The Relicts



The Relicts evolved from a pile of strings,
scrap wood, suitcases, biscuit tins, and assorted
other junk... literally. Every instrument they play
is homemade. But you wouldn’t want to write
them off as a one-trick-pony kazoo band. In fact,
you won’t believe the sound they can get out of
those instruments. Not quite blues, not quite
bluegrass, not quite rock, they have a distinctive
edgy high-energy sound.

Formed in 2009, The Relicts honed their craft
on the street where they attracted huge
crowds. (To put that in perspective they average
$150/hour!) They played the Canada Day
Celebration at the Saskatoon Farmers Market
and the Ness Creek Music Festival in July
2009. The Ness Creek Music people also
wrote them in to a Saskatchewan Arts Council
Grant as the youth performers in a touring


Hobo Rhythm

Written By: The Relicts

In the kitchen Hobo Jim
Banging on the bakin’ tin
Shaggy hair and a roman nose
Where he comes from no one knows

Got a hole in his shoe, the snow gets in
But he likes it like that, can’t get enough of
Hobo rhythm, hobo rhythm

In the artic he got lost
Pounding on the permafrost
The Innu folk they took him in
Dug his groove and saved his skin


Throw away your action plan
Coffee from a crimped up can
Wipe the sleep out of your eyes
Never mind that Nobel Prize

Chorus x3

Penguin on the Ice

Written By: The Relicts

Yeah he’s smooth and cool, always wins at dice
He knows how to dance the tango but don’t assume he’s nice
He’s a wolf in a tuxedo, he is a penguin on the ice

He came from way down south to work for MI5
He’s got a sports car baby, and lives in paradise
He’s so smooth with all that danger, he’s just a penguin on the ice


He’s got full comunication with his head-set device
He knows how to play the market, yeah he knows the price
But he’s too cool to care about money, he’s just a penguin on the ice
He’s a wolf in a tuxedo, he’s just a penguin on the ice


The Relicts (demo)

Set List

The Screw's Gone Missing
Hobo Rhythm
Penguin on the Ice