The Re-Mains

The Re-Mains


After eleven years on the road across Australia and Canada, The Re-Mains are finally headed for Europe. A June tour will see them play in Germany, France, Spain. The new album Vregedonomy has consolidated the post-country rock'n'roll Re-Mains sound - lyrical, tough and tenacious.


We've just released our fifth full-length studio album, 'Vregedonomy' and are touring the country to let everyone in on the sound of 21st century country rock and roll.
Currently in darwin, we head south next week to play Sydney and Melbourne and parts in between.
All the gigs are listed and you can buy the CD from our website via Paypal.
It's a corker. Ten tracks of indisputable country rock and roll.

What the critics say about The Re-Mains:

" ... there's enough here to advance the argument that The Re-mains are the best country-rock band in Australia."
(Jeff Glorfeld, The Age)

"Wilco and Uncle Tupelo fans will require very little convincing.."
(Tom Jellet, The Weekend Australian)

"Once the Re-mains cranked up, the joint exploded from slumber to an unmissable event. We'd long heard of these kings of the road, but nobody expected that much."
(Ben Quinn, The Newcastle Herald)

"Their earlier work drew comparisons to American alt-country heroes, but I'm betting there's a rich vein of Australian influence here. The Re-mains walk that tightrope with pride and skill."
(Music Australia Guide)

"The Re-mains sound like a well-oiled touring machine, with material that sounds well tested down dirt tracks and cattle grids."
(Time Off Magazine)

"Tough, bittersweet country ballads with a Stonesy back-beat and rough around the edges Aussie overtones ... tear a page right out of Stompin' Tom's maple leaf songbook."
(Beatroute, Calgary Alberta)

"The Re-Mains are the bastard children of Keith Richards and Wanda Jackson, of Jeff Tweedy and Bob Dylan. They are the war orphans left behind by Nick Cave's murder ballads, by Johnny Cash's evil seed. They are Willie Nelson's outlaw country taken home and given a cold bath and a warm beer. They are the promise fulfilled by the union of Jack White and Loretta Lynn."
(Sault Ste Marie Post)

" ... a well-oiled touring machine of jaw-droppingly musical swampy, foot-stomping alt-country."
(Sled Island festival review)

About The Re-Mains:

Lyrically driven by the same muse that nearly killed Ulysses, the Re-Mains' fearless country rock and roll crusade is a hard-driving outfit based in the sub-tropical hinterland of Byron Bay. Since forming ten years ago they've played all over Australia and Canada, pioneering a swashbuckling brand of alt-country that can rock like a road train or roll like a buffalo. Their unabashed, edgy sound and lyrics have won devoted fans and critical acclaim across Australia, Europe, Canada and the US, creating a banjo-edged blur of boot-stompin', epic adventure.

The Re-Mains first toured Canada for three months starting in May 08, commencing their assault at New Music West in Vancouver before playing NXNW and a stack of festivals and other venues across the nation. They returned to Canada in 2009 for another marathon tour across the nation, this time playing bigger and better venues with a new album - 'Inland Sea', spending June-August wandering from Victoria to Montreal and back with Dr Joey Only, The Secretaries, Mayor Matt Allen and whatever bears they picked up on the way.

Since then they've been back in 2010, touring extensively across the nation, especially returning to the beloved Ness Creek Festival in Saskatchewan.

Currently conducting regular and extensive tours to the remote parts of Australia - including Arnhem Land and Central Australia - The Re-Mains somehow still maintain an ever increasing foothold in the urban centres - and operate on a similar basis in Canada. Australia's hardest working country rock and rollers have toured the country relentlessly for seven years. They've been shot at and hunted by crocs in the Northern Territory, maimed by a rogue steer outside Tennant Creek, lost on the prairie in Manitoba, and found again in Nimbin. They've played festivals as diverse as the The East Coast Blues and Roots Music Festival (five times), Splendour in the Grass, Woodford, Tamworth Country Music Festival (six), Gumball, The St. Kilda Festival, Darwin Festival, Ness Creek Music Festival (twice) and others too numerous to list.

Debut album, "Thank You For Supporting Country Rock and Roll" (2003), earned The Re-Mains four and five star reviews from numerous National dailies and was Album Of The Week at no less than six ABC Regional radio stations. It also established the benchmark sound of country rock n roll as a style quite different from the output of the country (and rock) industry's various leading lights. Since then, the band has also released the EP "Burnin' Daylight" (2004) and the epic "Field Conditions" (2005) to critical acclaim, with regular reviewer for The Age, Jeff Glorfeld declaring, "There's enough here to suggest that The Re-mains are the best country rock act in Australia." Their live album, "Love's Last Stand" released Feb 07, is a testament to the power of the band. Rolling Stone magazine gave it four stars. Renowned blues legend Chris Wilso


Woke Up Sad

Written By: Mick Daley

C – F – Dm – G - C
Woke up sad, I ain’t doin so bad
Well it could be worse but it got me first,
so I woke up sad
Hurt my pride, tore me up inside
Now I’m starin out across a great divide,
cos it hurt my pride

Am – F – Em – Am – C – G – D - Am
I kept your last message on the answering machine
And I listen to it now and then when I’m feelin mean
Helps me to fell sorry for myself
When my imagination pictures you
Makin love to someone else

So I woke up sad, I ain’t doin so bad
Well it could be worse but it got me first,
so I woke up sad
Hurt my pride, tore me up inside
Now I’m starin out across a great divide,
cos it hurt my pride

Well I do believe I’m payin for my crimes
Cos when you want the best of everything
You gotta lay it on the line
I been a haunting your life like a poltergeist
Upsettin all the furniture
Till I was finally exorcised

So I woke up sad, I ain’t doin so bad
Well it could be worse but it got me first,
so I woke up sad
Hurt my pride, tore me up inside
Now I’m starin out across a great divide,
cos it hurt my pride


"Inland Sea" (2009)

1. About Time
2. Praise Be To The Rooster
3. This Could Be Anywhere
4. Darn Tootin in Saskatchewan
5. Othello's P-76
6. Tequila and Methadone
7. Winnipeg Girls
8. 2nd Century
9. Copper City Motel
10. Hole for a Heart
11. Lets All Git Along

"Love's Last Stand - The Re-mains LIVE" (2007)

"Raunchy live record from hard-working heroes."
**** (Rolling Stone Magazine)
1. Stoked
2. endless Mystery
3. Folksinger Blues
4. Bush Turkey Breakout
5. The Dirt Farmer's Gavotte
6. Thank You Mr Ellis
7. You Look Like Keith Richards
8. Email
9. Ballard of a Wrong'un
10. Darby Street
11. I Really Wanna Get On
12. Hot Blood

"Field Conditions" (2005)
****1/2 (Time Of Magazine)

1. Quit Singing The Blues
2. He Died With His Boots On
3. Horse
4. Robert's Road
5. Stoked
6. White Dress
7. My Friend The Bushranger
8. Free At Last
9. Letterbomb
10. Motherlode
11. Karaoke Caravan
12. Black Aspirin
13. Thank You Mr Ellis
14. I Want Every Make Of Holden Ever Made
15. Don't Go Back

"Burnin' Daylight" (2004)

1. Is It Ever Gonna Rain?
2. All Them People
3. The Letterbomb
4. Sin City
5. I Wanna Get...
6. Ain't Goin Back
7. Burnin' Daylight

"Thank You For Supporting Country Rock and Roll" (2003)

1. Lil' Lady Luck
2. Sick Sister
3. History Of Flies
4. Folk Singer Blues
5. Walk Slowly
6. Day In The Sun
7. Hot Blood
8. In The Wake Of Britney Spears
9. I Ain't Goin' Back
10. You Got To Break Before You Can Bend
11. Hole For A Heart
12. Gold Wig
13. Bye Bye Byron Bay
14. Smitty's Blues

"Keepin' It Steel" (2003)

1. Endless Mystery
2. You always Know When I'm Lying
3. Take It As You Find It
4. She Never Done Nobody Wrong
5. Always Working
6. E-mail
7. You Look Like Keith Richards
8. Ballad Of A Wrong'Un

Set List

A typical Re-Mains set comprises any combination of tracks from their huge catalogue of original music produced over the last five years, including:
Lil' Lady Luck
Sick Sister
History Of Flies
Folk Singer Blues
Walk Slowly
Day In The Sun
Hot Blood
In The Wake Of Britney Spears
I Ain't Goin' Back
You Got To Break Before You Can Bend
Hole For A Heart
Gold Wig
Bye Bye Byron Bay
Smitty's Blues
Is It Ever Gonna Rain?
All Them People
The Letterbomb
Sin City
I Wanna Get...
Ain't Goin Back
Burnin' Daylight
Quit Singing The Blues
He Died With His Boots On
Robert's Road
White Dress
My Friend The Bushranger
Free At Last
Karaoke Caravan
Black Aspirin
Thank You Mr Ellis
I Want Every Make Of Holden Ever Made
Don't Go Back
Endless Mystery
Folksinger Blues
Bush Turkey Breakout
The Dirt Farmer's Gavotte
You Look Like Keith Richards
Ballard of a Wrong'un
Darby Street
I Really Wa