The Remarcks

The Remarcks


We play an eclectic mix of pop/rock/folk/country/funk and jazz. Our songs range from ballads, to slow rockers, to old-time rock n'roll to power pop.


This is the most recent line-up of people, some of whom have played together on and off for many years. Although as creators of original music, we don't really believe in "influences," and with six of us, we have many favorite artists, including The Beatles, The Allman Brothers, Elvis Costello, Green Day, Hall and Oates and many singer/songwriters and guitar virtuosos.


We have just released "The Remarcks - Meeting of the Minds." Marc Chase has had 4 tunes receive radio airplay in the U.S. and Brazil

Set List

About 40 tunes, 75% originals and covers from the 60's through today, as interpreted by us!