The Remedies

The Remedies

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

With a definite passion for music The Remedies seek to wind up your waist with some Rocksteady taste!
We’re here to stay and rock it to mid day with the hip Ska to the rough reggae!
We introduce to you a refreshing Las Vegas beat.


The Remedies are a 3-piece retro revivalist band form Las Vegas, NV, USA. They are established predominantly as a Reggae, Rocksteady, and Ska band but are currently trying to adopt a British/American garage sound to their style.

Formed sometime in 2008, co-founders Zacharias Flynn and Dakota McCullough joined with friends David Malone and Jay Davis. They established some of the songs still performed today. However they were never fortunate enough to perform them in this early line-up and soon disbanded. Reasons are still unknown, most likely from a lack of dedication.

Still wanting to stick it through, Zach and Dakota teamed up with former Social Control drummer Jesse Alonzo to fill an empty spot in a local show. It all took off from here. The Remedyz - a name they went by in the early stages - were born out of a desire to bring a more diverse music style and culture to an otherwise Post Hardcore dominated music scene. The band consisted of Dakota on guitars/ lead vocals, Zach on bass/ vocals, and Jesse on drums/vocals. Soon, the band added Nick Petty to bass and Zach moved to keys and sax. Zach Left in 2009 to pursue a career in instrument repair - a decision fully backed by the band.

In June, 2010 The band released their first EP entitled What You Know - after a song of the same name on the album. The album features many local artists and friends, including occasional, impromptu members Zacharias Flynn, Kyle Madsen, and Blue Sheffer.

In August 2010 The Remedies set of on a small west coast tour of AZ, CO, NM and CA. All of the band's endeavors are self-managed. They have played with big contemporary acts Fishbone, The Debonaires, See Spot, The Revivers, Chris Murray Combo, La Banda Skalavera, The Mad Caddies, The Dirty Heads, Warsaw Poland Bros., Big D and the Kids Table, Reel Big Fish and many more.

The Remedies are currently in the process of making a new album, writing new songs, and are seeking a permanent organ player.


Get Real

Written By: Dakota McCullough

Get real, I said get real
Oh now be real
Tell me how you feel

1, 2, 3, 4
Oh me, Oh my
My soul cannot be satisfied
Without you, I want more
I want more

2, 4, 6, 8
Good God My fate
I sense what death can demonstrate
In my mind, don;t go
don't go

I want your body to deceive me
I breath your soul inside, relieve me
Mother Mary, Mother Mary, wont you please me
I want your soul inside, relieve me


What You Know (EP) 2010