The Reminders

The Reminders

 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
DuoHip HopSoul

The Couple/Duo's sound is best described as "soulful". Often compared to the Fugees, Black Star, Digable Planets. Awareness positivity influence their lyrics, with a focus on harmonizing bringing a message


The Reminders are a remarkable hip-hop duo that is steadily rising to the top of the independent music scene. The team, consisting of Brussels-born emcee Big Samir, and Queens-born emcee/vocalist Aja Black, are definitely a creative force to be reckoned with. Big Samir, weaves intricate rhythmic patterns with a bilingual French/English flow, displaying his street-smart credibility in both his lyrics and cool demeanor. This is beautifully complimented by Aja Black's confident delivery, diverse cadences, and unique vocal stylings. The two have undeniably magical chemistry, as well they should. Sharing more than lyrical ability and stages, the couple is partners in both music and life, and have been married for almost a decade.

Releasing their debut album 'Recollect' in 2008, The Reminders have been launched into the spotlight. Recognized and applauded for their ability seamlessly blend magnetic rhymes and soaring vocals, the group pulls from a combination of musical genres, creating an array of sounds that resonate in the ears and hearts of many. Oft compared to the Fugees, Blackstar, and Digable Planets, The Reminders can definitely carry their own weight, and are more than able to standout amongst their contemporaries. Their stage presence wows crowds the world over, allowing the the duo to uplift and entertain all at once.
Their unique mashup of razor sharp rhymes, raw, soulful vocals, and reggae-infused hip hop beats form the perfect backdrop for their relevant and inspiring themes, leaving a lasting impression on listeners, with audiences always wanting more.

Having shared the stage with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Fishbone, Barrington Levy, Black Star, Big Boi, KRS-One, Rakim, K'Naan, and others, the Reminders have established a firm place in today's changing scene, garnering international acclaim while paving a path al their own.
More than a shade of the same color that we have seen time and time again, this group transcends the bounds of what is expected. More than a breath of fresh air, The Reminders deepen the roots of hip-hop's Golden Era, raising its soul up high, propelling it forward into the future. With the release of their new album, 'Born Champions' these two are truly headed for something incredibly special.



The Reminders - Putting in Work mixtape (The Reminders Music)

1. Been A Long Time
2. Stay True
3. If only i could fly( mix)
4. Maybe
5. W.H.I.Z.M.
6. Stay Strong
7. Fight Back(Zaire mix)
8. Liberation(Andiwrexit mix)
9. Nobody Knows


The Reminders - ReCollect (The Reminders Music)

1. Intro
2. Recollect
3. Outside My Window
4. The Way It Is
5. Rock This Funky Joint
6. Ill 4 Life
7. Hands Up
8. Stick Up
9. Black Roses
10. Change the World
11. Overstand
12. Fight Back
13. Liberation
14. If Only I Could Fly
15. Outro


The Reminders - Born Champions (The Reminders Music)

1. Intro Born Champions by Kalonji Jama Changa
2. Tyson
3. We Are
4. No Matter
5. Things Ain't The Same Feat. Rebel Diaz
6. Shooting For The Stars
7. Planes, Trains
8. Africa On My Mind
9. If You Didn't Know
10. I Remember
11. Bang Bang
12. Sail You To Saturn
13. You Can Count On Me
14. Shining Through

Set List


Hands up


Outside my window

The Way its is

Black Roses


Fight Back

Ill 4 Life

If only i could fly