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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


""Concealed Until My Time and Season.""

It will become extremely obvious by the first track why Nino Brown came to my head when I dropped this album into my CD Player going to work. Not only will that become obvious, but the caliber of lyricism in this album will be the most impacting part of hearing this album. There is no doubt that the lyrics in this album show how well the Remnant have “mastered their art”. For some reason, even the border-line beats sound good when you listen to the poetics dropped on this HIGHLY-anticipated project. Will it make the impact that many thought it would? You will find this project to be still the same, YET a very different Remnant than we all remember.
The opening track [NERVs] provides us what we have long remembered The Remnant (formerly Remnant Militia) to be. That grimy, “wu-tang”, underground militant east coast – "spit a rhyme til ya brain blows off" – emcee crew. Construct stays true to his name on the production, as this beat will hit home with all the underground headz.
Track two [Still Shedding] is one track NO ONE will forget. When we think of classics, THIS IS ONE OF THEM. The production is a masterpiece. Nothing more needs to be said on that note. The message, lyrics and energy this song exhibits makes this project worth the buy.
As we listen to track three [Hard Boiled], the energy that is expressed in the first two tracks is lacking here, though the lyricism is consistently on point. Lyrics such as, “Acquire the fundamental, experience knowledge and credential/Your skills are based on some artists and just a few instrumentals.” Make the track worth the listen and even the “rewind”.
Most of the album follows the depth in regards to poetics, and the Remnant stay true to their art in that respect. They still exhibit the heart they always have throughout this project, especially when Drastic drops it home with all of us whom have had times of seemingly endless struggle in [My Wild Love].
Some down points about the album would be the constant singing that dampened the true depth and substance of the actual message in the verses. It went well with some tracks like [My Wild Love], but it clashed a lot with tracks such as [One Cell]. Track five [Broken] has a great message, but the delivery fails in this track because of the singing.
Some other down points would be track eight [Autumn Drive], which is exactly what you would expect from a track called “Autumn Drive”; and track 10 {Numbers Game], which is something you wouldn’t expect the project to end with, or is it? -- To find out, keep the words “Hold Me” in mind before you press the stop button on your radio.
Production: 7.5 out of 10
The the production wasn’t something that totally “fit the mold”, it was clean throughout the album. “Still Shedding” makes a lot of sense when you listen to the production on this project.
Lyrics: 9-10
Message: 8 out of 10
The Messages through the album were very relevant and very truthful. It’s not a “say Jesus 20 times a verse” album, just to warn all the heavy heads who stick on that note.
Overall Quality: 8 out of 10
This album was not everything to be expected, but it is a quality album, and something that I would recommend to all tha heads who want some Raw Hiphop and some pure poetics to politik with. I just wouldn't recommend approaching this project as an old Remnant EP. This is definitely a new remnant. -


"document" EP
"Anthem of a Life" LP
" remnant mixtape round 1"


Feeling a bit camera shy


A well recognized and respected underground music group ìThe Remnantî has been changing the way many individuals view Hip Hop and its effect within the urban community. Boldly making their entrance, Remnant introduces a very unique style of aggressive and confrontational lyrics from real life experiences with a blend of their strong spiritual beliefs. Artist such as The Beatles, Outkast, Fugees, Wu-Tang, Bob Marley, Radiohead and Redman, have also played an influential role in their unique style. The strongest influence however would have to be each other. Just as you will find in their music each member possesses a very different personality, culture, upbringing, and past. Each member brings something different to the table, which continues to allow their music to grow and relate to everyday people.

Taking a look back, in 1996 ìThe Remnantî developed in central Florida out of a group of friends who had a passion for music and a need to express their life experiences. One year later they released an EP entitled ìA Document.î With only 500 units in circulation their distinctive style quickly gained international recognition, a large fan base, and a high demand for live appearances. This enormous response resulted in what would be one of many traveling tours across the U.S. including California, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, St. Croix, New York and Massachusetts. This response also allowed them the opportunity to open for main stream artist such as Outkast,Fugees,Busta Rhymes, and Lil Kim.

In 1999 the “The Remnant” began to relocate in order to obtain the necessary education that would be needed in order to manifest their visions. During this time the group was reconstructed, moved to Atlanta, GA and efforts to begin studio sessions were put in place. By 2001, they had taken the knowledge and new energy that was produced from the multiple changes and created a four-song demo that was enough to keep their fans wanting more.

The long anticipated album ìAnthem of a Lifeî was released in 2004 and immediately gained strong recognition and proved to be well worth the wait. This album has received outstanding reviews from sites such as, which stated ìÖthe caliber of lyricism in this album will be the most impacting part of hearing this album. There is not doubt that the lyrics in this album show how well the Remnant have mastered their art.î ìAnthem of a Lifeî is only a preview of what ìThe Remnant” has in store for Listeners.

ìThe Remnantî continues to get better and will definitively be a permanent fixture within the Hip Hop community. As they continue to stand true to their one of a kind style, they will not only gain a loyal fan base, but they will also be around to influence and change the lives of generations long after they are gone.

To find out other information regarding the album such as tour dates, contact and purchase information, please check out ìThe Remnantî website at