Fun, fun, FUN! Everyone has FUN at REMONES shows! The REMONES formed in 2006 with the idea of simply being a band that played only RAMONES tunes. After the amazing success of that first gig, The REMONES evolved into a full-fledged tribute band, wearing RAMONES gear and assaulting their audiences with 20+ songs per set with only the slightest break for "1-2-3-4!" in between. With so many fantastic and energetic songs to choose from The RAMONES' catalogue, no two gigs are ever the same. What REMONES' shows do have in common are the band's obvious dedication and delight in the material, and the fun had by the crowd. The REMONES' appeal is so infectious that several fans have made short movies about The REMONES, one of which was featured at both The Calgary and Edmonton International Film Festivals. Come rock and roll with The REMONES and feel the fun yourself. Gabba Gabba Hey!

Set List

We have over 100 RAMONES songs to choose from!