The Representation

The Representation

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

A sonic stew of block busting breaks, pulse pounding rhythms and slick harmony styled from funk, boogaloo, R&B and jazz masters of old. With more chops than the Costco Deli, the band Features a blend of original compositions and classic 45's, the group packs the dance floor every time.


Formed in Minneapolis in the beginning months of 2008 with a pedigree only eclipsed by the weight of their groove, the Representation's musical policy is simple: to produce an authentic fusion of funk jazz and boogaloo sounds by channeling the African diaspora and spirit of their forefathers. With influences including but not limited to The Greyboy Allstars, the J.B.'s, The Headhunters, and Afrika '70, the band consists of a power house front line of horns and vocals backed by a rhythm section consisting of keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. Founding member Joe Lang said that he formed the group to try to step up and fill a void on the scene after seeing Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings tear the house down at a local concert. "I realized that the power and rhythms of their music refused denial in a live setting and how much the local scene was missing that vibe," Lang said. "There is a litany of completely authentic funk bands coming out of the UK and Australia, but there's not much of a response coming domestically, especially in the Twin Cities. A lot of bands are trying to come close, but they don't have that something—the grit, that sweat." The band, including and featuring members of local heavies including Gold Standard and the New Congress, demonstrate their dynamism and serious song writing on jams ranging from the dirty pocket groove of "Get Back Woman," to the searing funk of "Burn it Up." Keep an eye and ear open—for anyone suffering from soul lethargy or vibration deprivation , The Representation hears your plea, and is bringing your plight to the bandstand, the dance floor and the streets.

Set List

Typical night, 3 sets at 45 minutes. Usually ratio of 3-1 in favor of originals. Covers include J.B.'s, McCoy Tyner, Soulive, Quantic Soul Orchestra, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Billy Cobham.