The Representatives

The Representatives

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The Representatives are a hip hop group comprised of five young, vivacious, and polished men. This group is poised to take the industry by storm. Their stage presence and lyrical ability are sure to rock a show anywhere they go.


The Representatives major musical influences are Cross Movement, Richie Righteous, and Corey Red/Precise. Since 2002 they have risen from doing local talent shows in and around the Central Virginia area to opening for big name Christian acts such as: Cross Movement, Grits, and Amberland. There mission is to bring the message of salvation to the hip hop culture by first developing a relationship with their fans through music. Once this relationship is established, the group's re-presentation (hence the name Representatives) of Christ in their lives and through their music will ultimately serve as a true example of the gospel. The Representatives mission statement envelopes their ideals and where they stand as strong Christian men. "Preach Christ, use words if you must." (St. Francis)


The Matrix Mixtape Vol I, The Matrix Mixtape Vol II, Best of Both Worlds Mixtape, Four Brothers Mixtape

Set List

We have a set list from the 5 minute range to the 30 minute range. Whatever the venue decides is best for them we can accomodate to their needs. Our set list usually consists of doing songs by moods starting off with upbeat club type songs, moving into harder, grittier street songs with wittier lyrics, and finishing with serious songs that address issues that are affecting today's society.