The Requested

The Requested

 McAllen, Texas, USA

We are a 6 piece christian metal band from McAllen, TX, with an extensive back ground.

Touring since 2009


With their roots proudly born in the South of Texas, McAllen natives, The Requested, started playing
together in the fall of 2006. With the growing musical scene of South Texas, brothers William and
Robert Roper decided to form a project that would be new and unique to their scene, a Hardcore-
Christian band. Joining Adam Wade, Cody Pena, Julio Gonzalez, and Carlos Carnales they began
developing their to what it is right now, a solid and defined mixture of influences strengthened by their
powerful on-stage performance.

Since their early days, The Requested has kept the same hardworking attitude which granted them the
opportunity to share the stage with very experienced bands such as: Chiodos, The Devil Wears Prada,
Silverstein, and Tragic Hero Records protegees Greeley States. "They tore the place down! It was hard
following an act like The Requested. Can't wait to play with them again for a guaranteed great show!"
said Greeley's drummer after The Requested's CD release show.


2009 - Self-Titled 7 Track EP (Produced by The Requested, Mixed & Mastered by Charlie Vela)

2011 - “Twitter Me This” & “Bust The Chills” (Recorded by Charlie Vela, Mixed and Mastered by
Cameron Mizell @ Chango Studios)

Set List

Twitter Me This Batman
Bust The Chills
Nillie Welson
Tripp Takes Lux To The Homecoming Dance
Optimus Prime Needs A Serious Shave