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Theresa Miele @ Maxwell's

Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

Theresa Miele @ Freddy's Bar & Backroom

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Brooklyn, New York, USA

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In this rambunctious musical excursion, Theresa Miele takes delight in gliding from one genre to the next; leaving the listener no time to contemplate what might be coming. Her mercurial vocals are in one moment salty and sophisticated, then suddenly childlike and ethereal– her sardonic wit mocked by an inescapable vulnerability. While Miele’s confessional lyrics reveal disillusion and despair, there is a constant irreverence and good-naturedness to the songs, which encourages us to step back and realize it’ll all come out in the wash. - Static Magazine

You really have to love the title of this CD. This is a message to all men out there that have been trying to figure out the opposite sex. Theresa Miele has an answer from all women…I am Not Your Puzzle to Solve.

Theresa Miele has a lovely voice, very warm and sensual, the kind that makes ordinary lyrics from tracks like “Metrosexual” extraordinary. Lines like-“Baby would you mind if I borrow your blow dryer?” are everyday yet take on a different meaning when Miele sings. I think there is more to this young woman than meets the eye (i.e. CD cover). Because of her stylistically diverse musical approach on this album, its hard to figure where she will come from next, and that is exactly what makes her so intriguing. This is a very solid recording with above average musicianship. The variety is what strikes a nerve with me; every track has a different mood, atmosphere and pace. I heard pop, rock, some Spanish guitar on the title track and even some country twang on “You’ll Never Know.”

Miele has such beautiful tone and pitch that I think she could probably handle any song thrown her way. Let me put it this way; she offers as many colors in her music as the tie-dye dress she is wearing in the picture behind the clear CD tray. Okay, enough said. This is a good album that will not bore you for a second, and that my friends, speaks more than words can express of what this artist stands for and accomplishes on this fine album.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck - Garage Radio

With the acoustic stylings of Ani DiFranco and a vibe all her own, this
artist steps out with a whimsical-yet-thoughtful album. She gets
sensitive in "Too Emotional" and sings of a broken relationship in "These
Walls" yet her creativity shines most in "Metrosexual." If you know one
and he can take the torment, share the song with him. It's a hysterical
rambling of fighting over bathroom space and men having better grooming
and beauty habits than women. This is a diverse album, but was an
interesting listen.
- Discovering Artists

Her music is sexy and haunting as it borders on pop’s various incarnations. She bounces from roots rock and folk to electro pop to even some punk blasts. But what always stays the same is her emotive voice that coaxes and lushly envelopes the listener. Talent is the key word here -

Theresa's songs criss-cross genres from roots rock to punky pop while dabbling in alt country, jazz and techno beats. Miele was raised in the Midwest and has lived in a variety other locations. She draws on her diverse experiences to pens songs about relationships and observations. Theresa writes insightful, visual lyrics. Miele's creative arrangements are handled well by first-class musicians and clean production. Miele has a soulful voice that ranges from low and sexy to high and melodic. 'Metrosexual' is a witty description of a good-looking metrosexual sung in a breathy, silky voice blended over a seductive groove. 'Moody Moody Guitar Boy' has an aggressive drum beat driving a snappy rhythm and rhyme. The song, like the boy is moody, brimming with sizzling guitar leads throughout and wild sound effects (bells). Theresa vocals are stunning on this rocking rap. It is followed by the title track that demonstrates Miele's vocal power accented by mellow instrumentation. Theresa Miele and her band have crafted a quality CD with songs that are intellectually challenging but fun in tempos, textures and tones! -

Theresa Miele's, "I am not Your Puzzle to Solve," is a diverse collection of tunes that move from the house-groove of opening track, "Less Than," bluegrass acoustic "Too Emotional," rock 2/4 easy "Metrosexual," new wave punkish rock "Moody Moody Guitar Boy," ballad spanish guitar flurry "I am not Your Puzzle to Solve," alternative artsy "Darkly Slanted," to country in "You'll Never Know." Miele is addicted to music with all these styles and then throws in a cover or Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love." Okay - you're not a puzzle for us to solve - so we won't try. . but we do notice that the one thread that is stitched through every tune on the album is Miele's breathy and gently vocal quality. In the final track "Nothing to Believe In" she turns in a performance and tune that crosses between the flowing storytelling style of Croce, singing voice of a rougher Newton-John, with the backdrop of an early 60's pop classic - beautiful. The CD is quite a journey for those who want to discover Miele's artistry - she takes the listener on a trip through style and substance and leaves us thinking about the puzzle. Well done. -


I AM NOT YOUR PUZZLE TO SOLVE, the debut CD, released December 10, 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


Theresa Miele is a singer/songwriter with a style all her own. From roots rock to punky pop, she runs the gamut when creating her unique brand of ‘melodic eclectica.’ In her debut release, I Am Not Your Puzzle to Solve, Miele succeeds in using this potpourri of genres to create one beautifully cohesive sound that is soulful and down to earth.

Raised in a small Midwestern town, Theresa has lived on both coasts and many places in between. A philosopher and a curious observer, she weaves her diverse life experiences into a crazy quilt of musical jaunts. “I love a song that has something to say,” she says, “and if it can be said with a hauntingly beautiful melody, so much the better. My tunes have been called disarmingly straightforward, and every attempt is made to keep contrived angst at a minimum. All woe and suffering gleaned from the lyrical content is 99% authentic. On the other hand, any wit or humor ascertained is strictly synthetic.”

I Am Not Your Puzzle to Solve stands out as an intensely memorable listening experience, leaving one eager to ‘see it live!’ No easy feat, given the wide range of musical styles, but Theresa has assembled an exceptionally gifted touring band who navigates the many moods with ease. They are: Eran Phillips on lead guitar and vocals; Mark Taylor on keyboards, vocals, and guitar; Dawn McGrath on drums; and Andy Lowe on bass. With their talent and support, Miele’s live performances promise to be as vibrant and heartfelt as they are musically satisfying.