Theresa Pasaluko

Theresa Pasaluko

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

Theresa's sulfurous voice conducts emotion as easily as copper wire conducts electricity and her honest, direct songwriting takes alt, folk, blues and jazz twisted together through her quirky direct intimate ear and is expressed through a warm, confident, powerful and passionate voice.


In the relative isolation of northern BC small town life, Theresa Pasaluko has spent many hours in solitude, singing, playing guitar and writing songs that reflect on life and its various casualties, complications and accomplishments. Stirring up an audience of its own, Theresa's sulfurous voice conducts emotion like copper wire conducts electricity and her honest and dynamic intimate songwriting and guitar playing uses roots, alternative, folk, and rock influences to expose that wire.

At the age of 24, having honed her craft on BC folk festival stages, at pubs, bars and coffee houses around Canada from Quebec's Blacksheep Inn to the Edge of the World Music Festival in Haida Gwaii. She has opened the stage and collaborated with Canadian luminaries such as Alex Cuba, Fred Eaglesmith, The Deep Dark Woods, and Rachelle VanZanten.

After writing her first handful of songs, Theresa traveled to the Yukon to record with Jordy Walker. Twelve songs were originally recorded though only three were chosen to be released on her 2008 self titled Demo CD. While later living in Vancouver Theresa continued to work on and recently release her first full length Album “Sound of Town”, recorded at “The Garage" with producer, multi-instrumentalist Jordy Walker (Kim Barlow, Crash the Car, Erica Mah). The Album has received airplay from; CBC Radio, Shore 104 fm, and Evolution Vancouver, The Peak, and Smithers Community Radio. As well as recognition from song writing contests; The joyful folksy poppy track “More of the Times” placed in the top 20 finalists for Vancouver's Shore 104 fm's 2010 acoustic song search, and received honorable mention in the 2010 Ken Whitely Song writing contest.

Theresa is connected with many musicians to provide extra accompaniment for her concerts. She puts forth her love and ability to connect with audiences for intimate, playful, and memorable performances. In 2013 Theresa graduated from Victoria Conservatory of music with a diploma in vocal jazz, which lead her to join Victoria's 11 piece Funk Band "The New Groovement" as their lead Singer and Lyricist. (see "The New Groovement" online at )


Give Up

Written By: Theresa Pasaluko

Give up, Give in.
You know you want it and it's gonna be good.
Give up where've you been?
take me away and we'll start it all again.

I've been a lot of lonely places since you've been away.
I've seen a lot of lonely houses and they all seem to say the same thing.

Give up, Give in.
You know you want it and it's gonna be good.
Give up, tell your friend.
The stars have all seen this thing.

And they know there's a time for you.
You'll find it when it's true.
And they know that it's hard to do, but keep on pushing untill you get through.

So give up, give in!
You know you want it and its gonna be good!
Give up! Tell your friend!
The stars have all seen this thing

And remember that it's never through,
untill time has had it's time with you. If you get there way before I do, then I will keep on singing.
Keep on singing, yeah.

So give up, give in. You know you want it and its gonna be good!
Give up! Tell your friend!
The stars have all seen this thing

So are you gonna give up?


Theresa Pasaluko - 3 Track Demo CD - 2008
1. Give Up
2. Gut feeling
3. Solid

"Sound of Town"- Full length Album. May 2010
1. Distance
2. Puppet Strings
3. Give Up
4. Two Dollar Boots
5. Sound of Town
6. As Long As You Bleed
7. My Old Age
8. Gut Feeling
9. Solid
10. I've Got Love
11. More of the Times
12. Can't Decide

Set List

Where I'm going
West of what's left
Two dollar boots
Take it slow
Two Dollar Boots
Trend Setters Advice
Sound of Town
Puppet strings
Product of Time
On winter nights
My Old Age
More of the Times
Made out of Gold
Montreal tobacco
The Longing
The Long way
I've Got Love
Gut feeling
Give up
Get into the car
The Famous Game
Can't Decide
Broken Words
As Long As You Bleed