There She Goes

There She Goes

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There She Goes is a female duo of intoxicating lyrics and scintillating harmonies, mainly with guitar and vocals. Most of their songs are deep and rooted, as in The Counting Crows, with some songs lighter at heart. The sound has been compared to heavy Indigo Girls, Heart, Cowboy Junkies.


Christi Mangner has been performing across the country for the last 15 years in rock bands. Her voice has the strength and feeling of Robert Plant, the capability of Heart's Ann Wilson, but a sound all her own.
Amy Wells' vocal and guitar abilities are the vehicle which Mangner's voice drives. She has played and sung in rock bands for about a decade and a half, across the western U.S. Wells' voice and harmonies mesh well with Mangner's vocals.


2007: Navigate The Flame
Navigate The Flame
Upside Down
More Time

Set List

60 to 80% original Material, depending on the venue. Some covers include Alice In Chains' "Got Me Wrong", Counting Crows' "Sullivan Street", REM's "Losing My Religion", Hall & Oats' "Sara Smile", KT Tunstall's "Black Horse And A Cherry Tree"