The Residudes

The Residudes


More of a club than a band, and a rather undiscriscriminating club at that!


For those of you who don't know who the Residudes are, know this: it's not exactly a band; we have been providing quality service since 1985; our music has been banned in Inner Mongolia, East Timor, North Padre Island, and certain hinterlands; we are well groomed; We are to music what freeze dried Neopolitan ice cream is to the desert world; we are large enough (there are more than 20 of us and we are strong) to assume control of the Canadian province of your choice. Your mother would approve of us, sort of. That's all you need to know.


Hot Buns

Written By: The Residudes (Harland DeWitt, James DeWitt, Brent Seaks)

In cooking class we were having fun
You leaned over and I saw your buns
I fell in love right on the spot
With those buns how could I not?

When we dated your buns got better
I wrote about them all in a letter
Soon everybody wanted a piece
But your yeast ain't for lease

Chorus: The only thing better than hot buns
Is some sticky buns, if you know what I mean

You came over you came alone
Into the kitchen, next to the phone
You add the butter, I'll add the meat
It will knock you off you feet

Oh, baby stop, stop for my sake
You know I can't stand it when your buns shake
If they start sagging like a bundt cake
I'll keep squeezing 'til they're back in shape

Repeat Chorus


LP's: Carbonation in the 80's, Just Say Residude, Happy 5, Mission Creep

Singles: Riding Bikes with Stevie Ray Vaughn, Fraternity of Morality, Hot Buns, Bootie Tatoo, Thai Young Coconut, The Yum Song, Invasion of Coolness, Dopes Need Soap

Set List

Sporadic performances in Eastern Europe, Mongolia, and Texas by single or various members from time to time (regarding the locations, we are not joking).