The Resonance Association

The Resonance Association

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The music is a largely improvised clash of rock, electronic and ambient music; by turns raucous, chilled, melancholic and invigorating – a unique blend of offbeat and disparate genres that go into the mixing pot to come out the other end as The Resonance Association.


“If you are a fan of dark, experimental industrial based music you will love this" - (9/10, recommended)

"A genre hopping exploration of sounds ... a colourful musical journey" - Terrorizer magazine (UK)

"I'm torn between playing the album very loudly or at a level to best appreciate the depth of the mix. I might have to play it multiple times. Good." -

"They still have a winning way with atmospheric electronica-based material ... an accomplished, highly atmospheric and above all very creative offering from a band who are still discovering what they're truly capable of" - hippy towers (UK)

Continuing apace with a work rate and creative zeal rarely seen, The Resonance Association's second full album ‘We Still Have The Stars’ (their eleventh release inside 3 years!) once again demonstrates the band's ability to fuse electronic experimentation with classic progressive songwriting in a unique blend of offbeat and disparate genres; by turns raucous, chilled, melancholic and invigorating.

Daniel Vincent (Karma Pilot, Onion Jack) and Dominic Hemy (The 3rd Fire) formed The Resonance Association as a vehicle with which to drive their shared love of musical experimentation. The music crosses into many different musical territories, and fans of experimental electronica, space rock, EBM, post-rock and progressive rock are all regular attendees to the band's gigs.


We Still Have The Stars (2008, LP & DL, mrs vee) - available for free download and stream at
Dronezero: Volume One (2008, CDr, mrs vee)
Unite EP (2008, CDr, mrs vee)
The Grand Design EP (2007, DL, Burning Shed)
Failure Of The Grand Design (2007, CD, Burning Shed)
Northern Coastline Soundtrack (2006, CDr & DL)
Appendix Two (2007, CDr & DL)
Volume Two (2006, CDr & DL)
Appendix One (2006, CDr & DL)
Volume One (2006, CDr & DL)
The Resonance Association/Karma Pilot/The 3rd Fire split (2006, CDr)

Various tracks (most popular being Path Of Totality and Electrolyte) have recieved repeated plays on a number of web-based radio stations such as ARfm.

Set List

Standard 30 minute set will normally consist of 5 songs. With the new album now out, setlist is likely to be along the lines of;
Path Of Totality
Subatomic Zoo
Left Hemisphere
The Moment Has Passed