The Resonators

The Resonators

 Edson, Alberta, CAN

A folking blues experience.


Greg Martin, President, Edmonton Blues Society, said, "Warm tones and fluid rhythms characterized "The Resonators" appearance at the October 7th Edmonton Blues Society event. An entertaining mix of original and classic blues was presented with humour and a style that was a hit with the audience. The EBS looks forward to next time Marty, Bill and Ron grace it's stage."

Ron, Marty and Bill... three writers, singers and players... nice guys... been around a while... schlepped the gear... tuned the guitars... ran the club... done the sound... paid the dues... now it's time to play the blues.

Ron brings a seasoned folk sensibility to his guitar and slide work. It's not about how many notes you play, it's which note you play. Ron's been writing for quite a few years and finds that many of his previously "Folk" songs are just as relevant given a blues treatment. Ron also performs solo and his EPK can be found at

Bill's syncopation of head, hands and feet is a treat for the ears and his drumming gives a lively and sometimes jazzy feel to the blues. Bill also runs the Northern Lights Folk Club and performs solo.

Marty's bass is the glue. Weaving through the work of Ron and Bill, it pulls the band together and puts the roots to the blues. Marty's songwriting usually blends a singable, straight-ahead style with topics you can relate to. Find out more about Marty at

As The Resonators, they offer up a variety of blues flavours but there is always a feeling that binds it together... it's the enjoyment of the music that counts!


Homegrown 5-song demo available.

Set List

-1, 2 or 3 sets... whatever you need.
-About half original, half cover tunes.

Road Rage (Taylor)
The Light (Taylor)
Charlie Don't Surf (Taylor)
Angry (Taylor)
What Love Can Do (Taylor)
Left Me Flat (Taylor)
Spike (Taylor)
Too Hot (Taylor)
Just Gone (Taylor)
Where? (Siltanen)
Drinkin' Driftin' Blues (Siltanen)
Road Kill (Siltanen)
Destiny (Siltanen)
Down In The Alley (Siltanen)
If I Didn't Love You (Siltanen)
Please Please Baby (Siltanen)

I’m Ready
Why Get Up
I'm Tore Down
Reconsider Baby
One Way Out
Girl From The North Country
She’s Tough Enough
Brother Can You Spare A Dime
If You Ever Change Your Mind
Dirty Work
The Sky Is Crying
Cold Cold Heart
One Too Many Mornings
Jump Little Children
Trouble In Mind
White Line Fever
Big River
Black Mountain Rag
Can’t Help It
Who Do You Love
Folsom Prison Blues
Get Together
... and more (or less)