The Responsibles

The Responsibles


Picking up where The Clash left off, the Responsibles offer up an eclectic mix of rock, ska, garage, blues and punk. A polished outfit with plenty of original material they feel comfortable playing almost any genre of rock. Their high energy stage show makes them a fun party band to see live.


The Responsibles have always worked by their own credo: write a good song, record it, play it live, don't suck. They've achieved this over the years and since playing their first gig in 2003, they've released 4 different CDs and played a massive amount of live shows. After starting as basic 4 piece, then adding a horn section, they are back to basics as a 2 guitar, bass & drums outfit. Their last 2 albums have been nominated by the Hamilton Music Awards and have charted in the top 20 on !earshot's national campus radio charts.
The band is busy working out new material for the next album and continues to play live shows supporting their previous releases.


Chronic Seducer - EP released 2003
out all night - EP released 2004
CLASS*ACTION*SUIT - Lp CD released 2006
The FatLabs Sessions - Lp CD released 2008