The Rest

The Rest


The Rest consists of well bred carnivorous musicians, who chase dreams of world destruction through a haze orchestrated sound and noise. Like a massive explosion of Jellybeans that stain the insides of your shirt, but your shirt will smell extremly nice. That's what we are; an explosion of goodness.


Waiting for some light. A shiny and possibly even guiding light. Found. When it was found a joyful, painful, sometimes giggle worthy trance took place at a local batting cage. When the realization that the sporting venue would never be open again a musical foundation was born in its place. Forgetting our disappointment with not becoming the new Ty Cobb's or Candy Maldonado's the group of young dancing hooligans moved forth to a new age of baseball; Rock n Roll music.
Since beginning our journey into the reality outside of our basements and crawlspaces we have already hoisted up onto the stage besides the likes of Cuff The Duke, Despistado, Decibully, Jim Guthrie, Saturday Looks Good To Me, The Russian Futurists, The Cansecos, and countless(well we could count them, but ya...) more. Considering nothing and leaving everything by chance, thus creating a new calculated form that had people running out into the streets forgetting their names. Luckily no one was killed, and the music could live on forever.


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