The Resurrection

The Resurrection


The Resurrection smooth harmonies and chroegraphed steps has earned them the title, The Temptations of Gospel music. The members are Leon, Mark, Melvin and, background vocalist, Ms. Dawn Roberson. Their current release Nothing New (under the sun) is a must for your music collection.


The music is soul music. Some of our influences are The Temptations, Beatles, Marvin Gaye and many others. We met and formed the group while two of the members were incarcerated and the other two originals are ex-drug abusers. We have used this as our brand. We often teamed up with Charles Colson and Bill Glass prison ministrties to bring comfort and hope to those who have lost hope. We think this sets us apart from alot of artists today, we sing with a higher purpose.


The Resurrection 1992, Reality 1995, eXperience 2000, A life that shows (compilation In Case you mise it and then some, Producer Fred Hammond) and current release, Nothing New (under the sun)

Set List

Whatever you want, Grateful 2 you, Nothing New,My prayer, Reaching, Open the door, Got-2-Get it right. The set is about 30-Minutes. Yes we do cover occassionly.