The Retrogrades

The Retrogrades


Intelligent indie music.


The Retrogrades began in some form or another in the summer of 2003. Guitarist Sam Lowney and drummer Thomas Abend started a garage band and enlisted the help of then Serotonin guitarist, Ben Brewer. The group practiced occasionally until Thomas got into home-studio equipment, which focused the group on writing and recording original songs.Ben's Brother Alex joined on Vocals, Jim Pearse on Bass and Marshall Frye on Keyboards and the group released their debut album, the indipendantly released "Artificial People" in February of 2005. In August of 2006, after Frye and Pearse had moved on, the group released an EP "MIU?" enlisting Jason Tucker to help them with live duties. Tucker joined the group permenantly on Bass in the May of 2007 and Kira Lafosse-Baker joined on keyboards in June of 2007. The band released two singles over the summer of 2007, one, the Smoke Filled House single containing rerecordings of old tracks and another Secret Methods EP featuring two new tracks.


Artificial People (11 songs)
MIU? (8 songs)
Smoke Filled House (3 Songs)
Secret Methods (2 songs)

Set List

our typical setlist is an hour though we can play for more or less. songs we usually play include

smoke filled house
kali the destroyer
holier than thou
the troubles you know
stormy sea
in polite company
pay your bills

covers we've played several times:

Talk Show Host-Radiohead
This Hearts on Fire-Wolf Parade
5 Years-David Bowie
New Years Eve-The Walkmen
Song Against Sex-Neutral Milk Hotel
in the backseat-Arcade fire
Neigborhood 1-Arcade Fire
Stupidity Tries-Elliot Smith