The Retrosexuals

The Retrosexuals


The Retrosexuals are a tragi-funk electrorock trio from Glasgow, Scotland who specialise in collapsible grooves producing a sweating combination of electronewwavediscorock, or as it is now known, CONTORTOPOP!


The Last Year...
BBC Radio 1’s UNSIGNED HEREOS - Vic Galloway.

BEST NEW BAND OF 2007 on KOOL ROCK RADIO + Blood In Your Eyes was voted 2ND BEST SONG OF 2007!

BAND OF THE WEEK Dec 2007 on the B.T Digital award winning U.S blog

'Too Many People' is being used as the title music for an Asian version of the TV series The Apprentice called EXPAT which will be aired internationally in Jan 2008!

Winners of the YOUR SOUND competition for unsigned bands May 2007 at the world famous King Tut’s in Glasgow.

The History...
In 2004 Neck was bored of being in a noiserock band and wanted to hit some melodies while at exactly the same time his younger brother Render was bored of cleaning test tubes and wanted to pick some notes, so they got together and had a jam with a drum machine, detuned guitars and a cheap keyboard. They had fun. Yes they did. They liked what they heard. It made them happy. So they decided to take it seriously. But they needed a keyboard player, so they asked Nina Nina to join. She had never played an instrument before but agreed anyway. And the rest, as they say, is awkward….

On the 8th Jan 2005 they played their 1st gig in their flat through their cheap stereo system to their bemused friends who allegedly enjoyed themselves. In the following months they played sporadic gigs around Glasgow and wore a subdued selection of sporadic outfits in a desperate search for identity.

They must have got something right because in November 2005 they were commissioned to write songs and perform them live at the MAIS arts festival in Brussels along with 3 other bands/musicians. The resulting live recording, ‘La Boutique Aux Chansons’ was released by the Belgium label Inati. Following on from this, a French promoter who saw them play in Belgium invited them over to play to a crowd of over 200 people at a venue called Glazart in Paris, Which they did. And enjoyed greatly.

With an ever growing fan base in Europe, in particular Germany, The Retrosexuals decided to organise their own 8 date European tour in August 2006. This took them to, among other places, Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt with the highlight being a packed gig in Berlin at the Magnet Club as part of a night organised by the legendary Karreraklub!

At this point they had only two demos to their name and no releases!

Realising that their demos were proving embarrassingly popular, particularly with a whole host of DJs around the world, they decided to release two of their favourite tracks as a limited edition 7” on red vinyl (TELEPHONE/WITH YOU).


3 track EP – La Boutique Aux Chansons (Inati Records) Live compilation CD featuring 3 Retrosexual tracks.

Post Punk: Notes From the New Underground Vol.6 (Post Punk.Com) Downloadable CD compilation. Includes WITH YOU.

June 2006 –Are you the Next Big Thing? (Private Helikopter) Downloadable CD compilation. Includes WITH YOU.

7" red vinyl single LTD to 500 copies: a-Telephone, aa-With You
(Also available as download from Itunes, Rhapsoday, Napster and Sony Connect)

mini 3" cd EP - 1. Blood In Your Eyes, 2. Too Many People, 3. I Know You Know.
(Also available as download from Itunes, Rhapsoday, Napster and Sony Connect)

Forthcoming EP: Get Out Here. Release date: 29th May 2008.

The Retrosexuals have been played on BBC Radio 1, XFM, Beat 106, Radio Scotland, and many more radio stations around the world!

Set List

Typical set is between 30 and 45 mins long depending on venue.

Set List from our last gig:
Blood In Your Eyes
With You
Get Out Here
What Did I Do?
Hyme a la Clime
Too Many People