The Return

The Return


Adrenaline-filled sounds and solid songwriting provide this trio with the basis for explorations in reggae, indie rock and straight into the ethereal.


This is not just a band. The Return, comprised of Derek Jennings (vocals/guitar), Andrew Gavigan (bass/vocals) and Justin Dempsey (drums/percussion), formed in the winter of the new millennium, focusing influences and styles such as reggae, post-punk and rock. A strong D.I.Y. ethic has put The Return on the road at least at least twice a year for the past four years with self-financed and self-promoted tours across the United States and have recently returned from a European tour with the Rx Bandits.

In 2002, The Return signed with independent record label Missing Words Records and in early 2003 they released the debut full-length Build Me a Reason. The album was recorded over a period of four days with producer Christopher Fudurich (Nada Surf, Ozma, Rx Bandits) and turned out to be a brilliant mix of melody, structure and improvisation. The March 8th release of the album was followed by a national tour.

The Return went back into the studio in early 2004 to record a new four song demo with producer and musician Matthew Embree (Rx Bandits). The new songs were a definite move into a more mature direction. A couple tours across the country and back showed a positive reaction to the new material. They then went back into the studio, again with Embree, to record their latest and more impressive album to date, Danger Danger Silent Stranger. The album was co-released by Missing Words Records and MashDown Babylon Records in March of 2005 and has since shed new light on an otherwise bleak music industry.


Black Cat

Written By: Derek Jennings

Tell a story...Sunday morning wet outside, begin this down out on moonlight drive
A man stumbles into a woman on this cloudy day, they're eyes met once and then they walk away
Later that evening, she still has him in her head, wonder if I'll ever see him again
He sits in silence, I know I've seen her face before but where or when, now I'll never know

Continue the story...rain begins to fall tonight, he decides to take a walk outside
She is driving down the place past moonlight drive, she still has him in her eyes
He moves slowly, across the street out in this rain, he still tries to guess her name
Intersection, he can't see the light turns red, she hits her brakes but hits her man instead

Headlights all around, face down on the ground...

Dirty Bird

Written By: Derek Jennings

I think its time to get over this and all the years you think you have missed. I know I've never been down that road, scarred by stories that I've been told. But yes I think it's unusual that they would send you now halfway 'round this world into a place that you've never been, into a fight we would never win.

There was something out on the road. A secret that we have yet been told. A secret silent within the sound, the sound of everything falling down. But yes I think it's unusual that they would use this excuse, this dirty bird to line our pockets with paper green. To further ourselves within the scene
My mistake, so won't you pardon me, believe in me and know...these days are coming 'round again


Revolution of the Mind (2001) - full length - self released.

Build Me a Reason (2003) - full length - Missing Words Records.

The Return (2004) - 4 song EP - self released.

Danger Danger Silent Stranger (2005) - full length - Missing Words Records / MashDown Babylon Records