the revellions

the revellions


Our Music is energetic and raw.It's right in your face and makes the boys stand banck and the girls step forward.The live shows are not to be missed.


The Revellions were forged amidst a haze of frustration and red neon lights in the early days of 2006. Coming from the dark,dank caverns of the Dublin garage underground they juggled about with a lineup and soon met wailing blues singer Ali Moore.The Revellions then lined up into attack formation and unleashed a wave of garage frenzy onto the unsuspecting public

They recorded their eponymous debut album at the infamous Cirrco Perrotti studios in Spain,produced by Jorge Explosion(Dr. Explosion) & Austinite Mike Mariconda(The Raunch Hands), and released it on Dirty Water Records in late 2008 to excellent reviews.

"They combine the gut wrenchingly raw sound of a garage band in heat with a smooth heroin surf atmosphere" Mojo

"The Revellions are actually a bit of a revelation.While we've all heard the three chord buzzsaw riffs and swirling organs before, the band achieves the unthinkable by making it all seem fresh and new" Hot Press

"This abrasive and primitive collection of raw punk rifferama and wild organ playing is a highly promising debut that knows it's strengths and doesn't outstay it's welcome" The Irish Daily Star

"Smooth, seductive, but still primitive........not exactly ghoulish or zombie rock, surf, garage or garagepunk but a glimpse of perfection somewhere inbetween" The Paisley Umbrella

In the summer of 2008 The Revellions etched themselves into the history books alongside bands like The Yardbirds, The Zombies and The Sonics etc when they recorded their live BBC sessions at the Maida Vale studios in London on Mark Lamarr's show Gods Jukebox

Along with a string of successful gigs throughout mainland Europe the men have played with some bigger name bands such as Graham Day & The Gaolers, The Sultans of Ping, The Pretty Things and Rochee and The Sarnos to mention but a few.

The Revellions know how to keep it primitive. Keep an eye out for the dates of their European tours this summer


Eponymous Debut Album Released on 2008 "Dirty Water Records"
Lp and Cd.
New Single on 7"Released 2010
We have constant radio airplay across the world on several different stations including BBC Radio 2 after we recorded our live sessions on Mark Lamarrs show God's Jukebox in 2008

Set List

Our typical set list is around 50 mins.11 or 12 original songs.Sometimes we do covers if the mood takes us.The choice of covers depends on the crowd