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"Sassy Sues GoGo Inevitable"

Sassy Sues Go Go Inevitable

Dublin hasn't seen a crowd so aesthetically pleasing or exquisitely
styled in years - the hip cats, kittens + freaks were all out in force
to help Sassy Sue celebrate her 1st birthday last Friday at the Sugar

Our new favorite band surf psychos The Revillion's kicked off the
night with a jet fueled live performance in the main room, while the
Urges played a gloriously raucous DJ set in the side bar. Then just as
the night was peaking Dandelion took center stage and lifted the roof
off the place, she was joined on the decks by Oona and various mod
boys throughout the night and what a night it was. With a crowd
fuelled by Cosmo's and Southern Sunsets – we rocked 'til the wee
- The Rescue Squad

"The Revellions"

Dublin, its Guinness, its writers and... its (garage) rock!
After the crowning of the Urges last year, the Emerald Isle discloses its hottest gem with The Revellions, a quintet of partners in crime who are fond of the sixties and whose self-titled debut album is a statement in style and a tribute to old-school psychedelic garage : a flood of fuzz guitars and devilish atmospheres.
Despite glaring influences, especially The Chocolate Watchband and the Nuggets, these Dubliners display an assertive character and a personal touch. Welcome to the Revellions home, the land of cheeky humor, chaos and psychotropia!
The Irish gang seems to live permanent confrontations and other epic chases (the surf effect, blatant on "Groundswell"), thirty minutes of wild adventures for a short but incredibly intense record.
Besides James Lister's sharp guitar sounds, outrageous Ali Moore, a sweet-looking singer whose howl is staggering, makes you thrill straightaway and keeps knocking you out through vocals.
Their pace is quite furious but the tunes are polished and brilliantly produced, "Ain't No Fool" gets you hooked instantly, then the odd ghost-trainlike "Not The Attraction" and radical "Walking Away" give you goosebumps.
The royal organ of Thomas D'Arcy, a vivacious Brian Jones lookalike, perfects the Revellions sound and endows it with a more subtle and elegant dimension, particularly on the striking "Have It All" , the end of which is amazingly orchestrated and steals the show.
Beyond the vintage sixties sound, the rowdy quintet also pays pays tribute to the Cramps in its music and audacity. By the way, Ali Moore reminds of a gentler and less exhibitionist Lux Interior.
You will easily get trapped by this enthralling world that is as visual as musical, a kind of sixties style pulp-fiction (not the movie, the comics) with merciless gimmicks, hoodlums, endearing bad boys and pin ups, a story in which heroes have kidnapped you but you do no want to be set free. Stockholm syndrome?
Yes, the Revellions are mischievous, daring and've got to have more of their verve, they are "one of a kind"!

The Revellions was released on Dirty Water Records on December, 8th 2008.
Rank: Stormy High
- Reverberation

"The Irish Daily Star"

The Irish Daily Star Review
Category: Music
"Originally a surf instrumental band when they formed in 2006, Dublin upstarts The Revellions have evolved into an energetic psychobilly garage band with a great live reputation.
The arrival of demented blues vocalist in 2007 was the turning point in a career which now has it's trajectory set firmly upwards.
Recorded in Spain, this abrasive and primitive collection of raw punk rifferama and wild organ playing is a highly promising debut that knows it's strengths and doesn't outstay it's welcome.
Mark Kavanagh - The Star

"Hot Press Review"

Hot Press Review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Category: Music

Sounding like the last three decades of music never happened, garage rockers The Revellions are actually a bit of a revelation. While we’ve all heard the the three-chord buzzsaw riffs and swirling organs before, the band achieve the unthinkable by making it all seem fresh and new. Dual vocalists Ali Moore and James Lister sound like they gargle absinth for breakfast and the music’s got just the right amount of fuzz to make it work. Highlights are Rocket from the Crypt-esque ‘I Don’t Mind’ and the bluesy ‘Aint no Fool’ but its hard to single out just one track on such a solid record.

Edwyn McKee

Key Track – ‘Its up to You’
3.5/5 - Hot Press

"Paisley Umbrella"

The Paisley Umbrella Review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Category: Music
It's only fitting to write about my true thought that the greatest rock 'n' roll is being made today. I've always known it, and there's more proof of it. We need primitive, nasty rock 'n' roll. The sudden passing of Lux Interior makes it only more evident. That guy had did more than Keith Richards tripled, but also looked a lot beter at it. Everything about Lux was primitive. It was smooth, seductive, but still primitive. Kinky, but not dirty. Therefore, I find myself sharing with you Dublin's The Revellions. Not exactly ghoulish or zombie rock, surf, garage, or garage punk, but a glimpse of perfection somehwere in between. It's nothing less than primitive, but it's a sound. The music itself is steeped in floodlike surf and blues that goes beyond, but with a farfisa! If there's one thing to ascribe to them, it's garage rock.

"Ain't No Fool" gives the heaviest Farfisa out there. It first hints at Strawberry Alarm Clock with darker overtones, but Ali Moore's vocals are scratchy, '60s garage punk. It's somehow melodic, intense, but raw at the same time. One of the common themes in rock 'n' roll is teenage angst no matter what genre, but once we grow past our teen years, we find that slight angst in songs about girls that put us in another time. One can't say The Revellions leave that element intact: they are that element, but James Lister's semi dissonant guitar echoes make the relationship confusion more prominent. On the other hand, the vocal harmonies "Don't say you will" sound early beyond most of our years. Other tracks like "Down On Your Luck" take on "Have Love, Will Travel" with a little bit of Yardbirds, while "It's Up To You" have a tribal beat that takes center stage, but James Lister puts out some great vocal chops that are quite convincing when he shouts "It's up to you". Another thing one notices is something that permeates the whole album: most songs have great backup vocals that lend a wholeness to The Revellions as a complete band.

The following tracks like "I Don't Mind" and "Groundswell" show off the fastest true surf guitar around, but "Groundswell" is so fast and loud that touches on punk! The Revellions don't hesitate to give full effect to Thomas D'Arcy's Farfisa on "Not The Attraction", but the combined howls and guitar are almost heartbreaking. Children of The Cramps, indeed. Reminders of "Human Fly", "She Said", and many others are found throughout The Revellions, but that's also the mood many of us are in. Another standout track is the organ heavy "Have It All" with additional tremolo guitar added, but the song also a great reverb cascade that's nothing less than shockingly good, but a great organ solo follows it that's equally sonic. There's also the Mick Smith's primitive, fast beat of "You're Tellin Lies", a song that falls inbetween ghouly surf, fuzz, and organ swoons. In a final gesture to eeriness, the slow psychedelia of "one Of A Kind" adds either a theremin or a monophonic keyboard and a smooth, detached vocal on slow parts, but the tempo changes and what follows is primitive garage rock much in the spirit of Electric Prunes or 13th Floor Elevators, only with great surf guitar and beats.

The Revellions had their album release party last night in Dublin with the equally talented, fuzzed up countrymen The Urges. It's my honest opinion that this was probably the coolest show to take place anywhere in the world. I'm sad I missed it. The Revellions are fuzzed out surf/garage punk/psychedelia with great beats, howls, and everything else one would want and expect for great garage rock. In fact, the next time anyone asks you what is garage rock, tell them about The Revellions. Blasting surf guitar, loud, primitive beats, great sweeping organ, some psychedelia, and a lead singer who can both scream and sing chills up your spine AND make the your hairs stand up. As if by no surprise, the album was produced by Mike Mariconda and Jorge Explosion at Circo Perotti, where The Urges, Hollywood Sinners, The Cynics and others have gone to make monumental rock 'n' roll. The Revellions are too good (that's an understatement) for anyone to let pass under your radar. If you love garage rock, this is your album.

Presently, the album is available directly from Dirty Water Records and online retailers, but you should all be screaming for it from your favorite online indie retailer or local store. - Paisley Umbrella


Eponymous Debut Album Released on 2008 "Dirty Water Records"
Lp and Cd.
New Single on 7"Released 2010
We have constant radio airplay across the world on several different stations including BBC Radio 2 after we recorded our live sessions on Mark Lamarrs show God's Jukebox in 2008



The Revellions were forged amidst a haze of frustration and red neon lights in the early days of 2006. Coming from the dark,dank caverns of the Dublin garage underground they juggled about with a lineup and soon met wailing blues singer Ali Moore.The Revellions then lined up into attack formation and unleashed a wave of garage frenzy onto the unsuspecting public

They recorded their eponymous debut album at the infamous Cirrco Perrotti studios in Spain,produced by Jorge Explosion(Dr. Explosion) & Austinite Mike Mariconda(The Raunch Hands), and released it on Dirty Water Records in late 2008 to excellent reviews.

"They combine the gut wrenchingly raw sound of a garage band in heat with a smooth heroin surf atmosphere" Mojo

"The Revellions are actually a bit of a revelation.While we've all heard the three chord buzzsaw riffs and swirling organs before, the band achieves the unthinkable by making it all seem fresh and new" Hot Press

"This abrasive and primitive collection of raw punk rifferama and wild organ playing is a highly promising debut that knows it's strengths and doesn't outstay it's welcome" The Irish Daily Star

"Smooth, seductive, but still primitive........not exactly ghoulish or zombie rock, surf, garage or garagepunk but a glimpse of perfection somewhere inbetween" The Paisley Umbrella

In the summer of 2008 The Revellions etched themselves into the history books alongside bands like The Yardbirds, The Zombies and The Sonics etc when they recorded their live BBC sessions at the Maida Vale studios in London on Mark Lamarr's show Gods Jukebox

Along with a string of successful gigs throughout mainland Europe the men have played with some bigger name bands such as Graham Day & The Gaolers, The Sultans of Ping, The Pretty Things and Rochee and The Sarnos to mention but a few.

The Revellions know how to keep it primitive. Keep an eye out for the dates of their European tours this summer