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"Hand Of Midnight review"

The Revenants:The first thing I noticed about The Revenants' new album Hand Of Midnight was the very cool cover: a blood-red and very sweet looking background with a gothic style Revenants logo. Evil.

The first track on this CD, "Black Hearted Jade" is the best I've heard from The Revenants! It's superbly polished, gothic punk thrash that kicks ass! The keyboards on this CD scream money. As they rip into Track Three, I can plainly hear that they have come a long way since I first met them. This chit sounds killer and fargin demented. Kinda different and crazy all in one delightful treat. It's like the Munsters meet Cradle of Filth, then go hang out with Dimmu Borgir and Moonspell, then go to a strip bar with the Misfits! Very dark, European black metal influences here in the songs "Black Hearted Jane," "Lament" and the slow groovin "Road Of The Broken."

There are very good riffs, musicianship and songwriting going on here. My only complaint is that the vocals seem a tad low in the mix, but other than that, this CD sounds terrific qualitywise. Fans of goth/blackmetal/punk must check out this evil sounding achievement.

(written by Eddy Metal,news from the pit,Louisville Music News) - Louisville Music News 11/07

"Hand Of Midnight Review"

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Revenants - Hand Of Midnight Review

The Revenants – Hand Of Midnight

The Revenants are one of the older Horror bands in the scene, I actually remember checking them out way back in the late nineties. Bringing us up to date on the band and their latest disc entitled Hand Of Midnight, not much has changed in the way of their sound and approach. The new album sees the band utilizing a keyboardist more and injecting an awful lot of darkened nightmarish soundscapes into the mix. This has always seemed to be the case with the band, but it's kind of all new to me as I had forgotten about them.

Hand Of Midnight isn't your typical Horror album, not in the least. I don't think there's a single moment in it where you could really pin them into today's current Horror scene. I do hear faint echoes of Empire Hideous, Son Of Sam and Alien Sex Fiend but not enough to make a difference. More often than not the tracks found here are reminiscent of the early nineties Black Metal scene with a splash of current Celtic Frost influence. Out of the ten tunes on Hand Of Midnight, not one is bad or out of place, sure I don't enjoy every one tremendously, but the tunes I do like, I'm ecstatic over.

"Nephilm", "Sick Menagerie", "Hand Of Midnight" and "Road Of The Broken" are my personal favorites thanks in part to the hopeless feeling the lyrics and music put off. The Revenants are a band you'll want to check out if you enjoy dark literature, Horror/Black/Goth Metal. The band seems to have it all wrapped up in a tiny ball and it awaits you like a murdering fiend hiding in the bushes! Check out their myspace page and get a taste of something different for a change.

Written by - Black Angel
- Black Angel Promotions

"Hand of Midnight review"

The Revenants
Hand Of Midnight
Reviewed by: Josh Haney
Copyright 2008

WOW! Something new in horror rock! I know, you don’t believe me, but it’s totally true. Most horror musicians think the world ended with The Misfits, and while there is nothing at all wrong with the classic strains of Danzig in all of his glory, The Revenants have taken a machete and hacked a niche all to themselves.

Hand Of Midnight masterfully blends horrorpunk, black metal, and symphonic soundscapes into an aural nightmare I didn’t want to wake from. The music is tight, to the point of ridiculousness. These guys must practice every waking hour of the night, stopping only to feast on enough virgin’s blood to sustain them. Honestly, it’s hard for me to describe them accurately; part Son Of Sam, part Cradle Of Filth, a hint of Eerie Von, mix in the writings of Poe, Lovecraft, Blackwood, and serve with a cyanide chaser. But that barely scratches the surface.

We start with Black Hearted Jade and Pavement Grave, both of which go for the throat immediately. From there it’s on into Purpose, which I think is one of the best cuts on this disc, no questions asked. But my undisputed favorite is Lament, a song that goes from angry to poignant at breakneck speeds, bouncing between slow piano driven beauty to crunchy guitar madness with an ease you rarely ever hear, quite the complex arrangement. The title track is great, with an astounding array of sounds coming at you from your speakers. Not one of the ten songs on Hand Of Midnight disappoint, a feat which is hard to attain, even for bands with years in the scene. This is a great CD, and upon repeat listening you pick up more and more layers to each track. This could very well be a crossover album, bringing people into the horrorrock scene that normally wouldn’t listen to “punk” music.

If you want something the likes of which you’ve never heard before, Hand Of Midnight is your ticket to the melancholic world of The Revenants. A world, which this reviewer hopes, will expand with more releases in the very near future.



1999 -Self titled- released by ssendam music (self released)
2000 -Live album -released D.I.Y.
2003 -Falselight E.P. -released by D.I.Y.
2007 -Hand Of Midnight- Self Released (Ssendam)
Cheap Thrills Vol. 1
Cheap Thrills Vol. 2
Music to murder that someone special to.
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Original soundtrack for The Baxter Avenue Morgue, a haunted attraction in Louisville Ky.The Revenants scored,produced and recorded original sound clips unique to each room in the house to help create and mantain mood and tension.



The Revenants formed in 1996 as a death rock/thrash punk group hailing from Louisville Kentucky. After several successful high-profile shows and a well circulated demo, the band added a keyboardist to the lineup and began work on their first official album, which was a self titled, self financed, and self produced release. The first album was released in 1999 and was well received both by local reviewers and the growing crowd the band had garnered by their high energy and memorable, often theatric performances. Though long out of print, the demand for this album is still high. At this time the band was so determined to have a consistent place to play at in Louisville, that they were acting booking agents and security at a local club called Pandamonium, which played host to many major national acts with the bands help, and in doing so the band traded shows with the regional acts. In 2000 a live album was released and sold out of it’s limited first pressing after one show.

After Pandamonium closed its doors in 2001, The Revenants began playing shows with national touring bands at other clubs in the area. During this time the band’s sound was evolving from straight thrash punk and death rock to incorporate more elements of black metal and melodic influence that characterizes their sound now. From 2002 to 2006 the band wrote the soundtrack for The Baxter Avenue Morgue, an award winning haunted attraction in Louisville, and also released an E.P. entitled “Falselight”. During the next few years, the band continued to play high profile shows with the likes of Type O Negative, Lordi, Fear Factory, Shadows Fall, 3 Inches of Blood, Cthonic, Kittie, My Own Victim, 45 Grave, The Undead, 18 Visions, Brand New Sin, Summer Dying, Primer 55, Flaw , Bobaflex, Michale Graves, Blitzkid, Trivium, Turbo AC's, etc. They continue to be hand picked for high profile shows by promoters in the area for their professionalism, determination, and ability to entertain crowds of almost any variety of dark music or hard rock/metal. The live show is always high energy, sometimes unpredictable to downright infamous among their fan base.

The Revenants newest album, Hand Of Midnight, is another self released, self produced, and self financed album. It is a serious, polished, and quality effort that showcases the band’s dynamic evolution in songwriting. The lyrical themes reflect different facets of the dark nature of humanity and the contemplation of mankind’s place in the limitless void, while the music is a vicious mix of thrashing guitars and dark orchestration. Although the support they have received thus far has been limited, they are seeking better means of getting their music out to a larger audience, by label, distribution , and better exposure.

Contact Information:
Phone: 1 (502)459-9980
Mailing address:
3511 Whippoorwill Rd.
Louisville, Ky. 40213