The Revenants

The Revenants


Music, Murder, and Mayhem! The Revenants are a mix of Thrash Punk, Black Metal, and Gothic influence. Although not often categorized, the audience always agrees that they rock!


The Revenants formed in 1996 as a death rock/thrash punk group hailing from Louisville Kentucky. After several successful high-profile shows and a well circulated demo, the band added a keyboardist to the lineup and began work on their first official album, which was a self titled, self financed, and self produced release. The first album was released in 1999 and was well received both by local reviewers and the growing crowd the band had garnered by their high energy and memorable, often theatric performances. Though long out of print, the demand for this album is still high. At this time the band was so determined to have a consistent place to play at in Louisville, that they were acting booking agents and security at a local club called Pandamonium, which played host to many major national acts with the bands help, and in doing so the band traded shows with the regional acts. In 2000 a live album was released and sold out of it’s limited first pressing after one show.

After Pandamonium closed its doors in 2001, The Revenants began playing shows with national touring bands at other clubs in the area. During this time the band’s sound was evolving from straight thrash punk and death rock to incorporate more elements of black metal and melodic influence that characterizes their sound now. From 2002 to 2006 the band wrote the soundtrack for The Baxter Avenue Morgue, an award winning haunted attraction in Louisville, and also released an E.P. entitled “Falselight”. During the next few years, the band continued to play high profile shows with the likes of Type O Negative, Lordi, Fear Factory, Shadows Fall, 3 Inches of Blood, Cthonic, Kittie, My Own Victim, 45 Grave, The Undead, 18 Visions, Brand New Sin, Summer Dying, Primer 55, Flaw , Bobaflex, Michale Graves, Blitzkid, Trivium, Turbo AC's, etc. They continue to be hand picked for high profile shows by promoters in the area for their professionalism, determination, and ability to entertain crowds of almost any variety of dark music or hard rock/metal. The live show is always high energy, sometimes unpredictable to downright infamous among their fan base.

The Revenants newest album, Hand Of Midnight, is another self released, self produced, and self financed album. It is a serious, polished, and quality effort that showcases the band’s dynamic evolution in songwriting. The lyrical themes reflect different facets of the dark nature of humanity and the contemplation of mankind’s place in the limitless void, while the music is a vicious mix of thrashing guitars and dark orchestration. Although the support they have received thus far has been limited, they are seeking better means of getting their music out to a larger audience, by label, distribution , and better exposure.

Contact Information:
Phone: 1 (502)459-9980
Mailing address:
3511 Whippoorwill Rd.
Louisville, Ky. 40213



Written By: The Revenants

Your heart is cold if you suffer to come to me
I know your soul and how it bleeds
These things you know they will never be the same
You’ll never cross this way again

I know the sweet taste of lament upon a darkened day
And what it is to drown in tears that drip down graveyard things
That which is sown in damnation’s row
And all the bitter wisdom of the hollowed ground
The six foot divide where the souls burn inside
Like the embers that glow in the dying light
The shrine of broken hopes that shine on broken souls
Are coins upon the eyes under a slab of stone
My love is frail and bloodless
It makes the veins retreat
It casts a voided shadow
So like that of the beast

Cruel is the ways of hearts that dance upon the blade
A frozen blood serenade
Macabre the grip that binds the unseen paths before
For all who stand on twilight’s door

Descend across the threshold as chaos calls the names
In wicked dance cast off the burdens of the mortal frame
Here in this hungry void my arms await for you
Tendrils that stifle all your hope
The thorns of darkness bloom

This is the thirteenth hour, where is your dying prayer?
Where left your knighted savior?
It seems he isn’t here
This oily blackened shape whose form I have to hold
The center of the void, or center of your soul?

And the skies they run red in this nightmare reality

And where we’ll stand alone
The children of moldering flesh
The time has come to shake off the earthly mask
And in the middle of a mad season’s lament
I’m screaming in a maelstrom searching for answers that I’ll never hear

Road Of The Broken

Written By: The Revenants

Road Of The Broken
Down the ruined path I'm moving on
Towards a forgotten horizon
And there's no guiding stars to light the goal
Upon the exile's road

Your hope is unreal
Shattered on the wheel of time
No straight line out of here

A burning mind to sear the flesh
Dimming in bitterness
Lost in disillusionment's
Chaotic dissonance
The way forward veiled and forlorn
Like an impending rising storm

I am lost...
All I have are scars to mark the places I once was...

Down the ruined path I'm going home
To some forgotten horizon
And there's no guiding stars to light the goal
Walking the exile's road

I said your hope is unreal
Shattered by the wheel of time
No straight line out of here

Road of the broken, a forsaken tragic gallery
I'm heading to where the voice of my doubts can never reach

Thrown out of spirits
In growing despondency
Searching forgotten memory
Burning out
Calling out
Reaching for a key
To that long lost door of broken dreams
I'm going home. Driven off the edge of broken dreams
Where all things are left unfinished


1999 -Self titled- released by ssendam music (self released)
2000 -Live album -released D.I.Y.
2003 -Falselight E.P. -released by D.I.Y.
2007 -Hand Of Midnight- Self Released (Ssendam)
Cheap Thrills Vol. 1
Cheap Thrills Vol. 2
Music to murder that someone special to.
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Original soundtrack for The Baxter Avenue Morgue, a haunted attraction in Louisville Ky.The Revenants scored,produced and recorded original sound clips unique to each room in the house to help create and mantain mood and tension.

Set List

A typical set set list would be 45 minutes although this can of course be tailored to the event.Right now we would mostly be performing the songs off of our new full length cd "Hand Of Midnight".Those songs are as listed:
1.Black Hearted Jade
2.Pavement Grave
4.Brother's Hands,Viper's Fangs
6.Sick Menagerie
7.Hand Of Midnight
10.Road Of The Broken