the Reverberators

the Reverberators


Heartfelt, rock n' roll with four part harmony vocals that evokes the great singing groups of the 50's through present day. In addition, a great mix of danceable rock n' roll, blues, ballads and rockabilly!!! To purchase cd, “What’s Shakin’?” visit:


the REVERBERATORS was formed in 2002 by Marty McDermott and Tom Holland who met while playing together in a band based in Greene County, NY. With a combined background that covered more years than "we care to count" and a wide spectrum of musical styles, Marty and Tom had a shared vision of a band that featured an interesting mix of original material and good covers and utilized carefully arranged vocal harmonies as the group’s predominant feature. The REVERBERATORS is the result of this vision.

The band has gone through a handful of revisions since its inception. In 2004, Jim Featherstone, an accomplished guitar-slinger and vocalist joined the group and became a dominant force in the band’s direction. Beginning in the Fall of 2005, Luke Legg joined the group on keyboards and vocals. The line-up currently includes veteran musician Paul Posson of Schenectady on bass guitar.

The REVERBERATORS is a rock ‘n roll dance band that performs a varied mix of rock ‘n roll juke box standards from the 50’s through present day, some Blues, Ballads and Rockabilly, as well as an ever increasing repertoire of rock and folk influenced original material.

The REVERBERATORS is a vibrant, exciting band that enjoys wide appeal by all ages.


2006 - What's Shakin'? - 6 track original cd

2nd cd (tenatatively titled "Revvin' it Up") is currently being recorded - scheduled for release summer 2008

Set List

Set Lists

The REVERBERATORS typical set list varies according to the venue. Recent appearances have included an increasing amount of original material which is being well received. Bars and club appearances seem to enjoy a good amount of carefully selected covers while at concert appearances we tend to focus on showcasing our original material. Here are some typical examples of each:

Original tunes:

Big Trouble
Sea Breeze
River John
Hitchhiker’s Lullaby
Beautiful Day
That’s the Real Reason
Almost Home
Say Goodnight
Eternal Optimist
Back in High School
(and many more)


Midnight Rider - the Allman Brothers
Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan
Wild Horses - the Rolling Stones
Nowhere Man - the Beatles
The Weight - the Band
Won’t Back Down - Tom Petty
Maybeline - Chuck Berry
Mind yer Own Business - Hank Williams
Lay Down Sally - Eric Clapton
After Midnight - J.J. Cayle
I’m No Angel - Greg Allman
I think I love you too Much - Mark Knopfler