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The Reverse Engineers @ The Masquerade

Tampa, Florida, USA

Tampa, Florida, USA

The Reverse Engineers @ Private Show

Tampa, Florida, USA

Tampa, Florida, USA

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The best kept secret in music


Tampa's Cote brothers - bassist Charles, guitarist William and drummer Daniel - make a strong first impression with their debut, "Max Q.'' The band's love of power trios, from Rush to The Police, is apparent. Opening track "Mercury in Retrograde'' features a guitar lick that's a dead ringer for Rush's Alex Lifeson. But the Engineers don't get bogged down in technique spotlighting, instead devoting their talents to straight-ahead rockers such as ``Tell Me Why'' and bouncy pop such as "Be Here Tonight". Brotherly harmonies add heart to the title track and "The Longer Now'', as well as a cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence''.
--Curtis Ross - Tampa Tribune's Friday Extra
- Tampa Tribune

Can you say Quality Music? Then just listen to this. I love the harmony vocals...MORE MORE MORE!!
--gordonMc - Athens, Alabama

WOW! All I can say is WOW!!
I LOVE THIS SONG! The lyrics really moved me.. Awesome. Id love to hear more ....Keep up the good work.
--joelavoie - St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Vocals are great!
Your vocalist is awesome. You definitely have something going with this song. Good energy.
--Paris, Salt Lake City, Utah

The vocalist got my attention on this. Very clear and good voice. I especially liked the guitar in this too....these are exceptional musicians. No doubt one of the better songs in this genre.
-- opiehicks
Springfield, Missouri

" bands are so tight...all those years of beating the hell out of each other pay off! Lots of hints and sounds of Rush from these gents."
Station manager, The Rush Factor

"3 brothers who have clearly placed their finger on the pulse-beat of the alternative sound. It has been quite some time since a band had such a crisp sound with great vocals demonstrated this much talent. Keep an eye out for this band as they will be going very far! "
--Mike V., Hidden Sanctuary 2

I want to buy it! This song kicks ass! The lyrics are real ambiguous, but that is part of what makes the tune so cool! Where can I get a copy of this CD?
--Anonymous, Willard, Utah

Schooled musicians and a solid tune.
I love the harmonies that drop in on the very first word. This song is a bit odd, in structure, but so much of what I have heard sounds the same so I will give you extra credit for that. The production is solid and the performances are great. This song reminds me a bit of Rush, but that is not an easy band to emulate. Kudos on bringing solid musicianship to garageband.
-- sputnikmonroe
Playa Del Rey, California

Reminds me of Early U2.
The music itself, which features some atmospheric Edge-like guitar, reminds me of "War"-era U2. That's not a bad thing, as the sound is complemented by a voice that sounds totally unique and isn't too showy for its own good. This is a likable sound, and a nice chord arrangement, too.
-- cotband
Mifflintown, Pennsylvania

Skirtin' with the top 40...
Nice vocals, nice harmonics... Top 40 potential.
--sexualchocolate, Anon, Texas 

Great new Band. Extremely tasteful and well written! Excellent song! I love the guitar chord changes. The solo. The lyrics.
--Anonymous, Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Blue Country--
The voice reminds me of the stuff Blue Rodeo does up in Canada
--LowkeyEnzo, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

awesome cool yeah
wowowowowowowowow you're song is so awesome! Can't wait to hear you on the radio!
pelicon17 - Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Emmett Brown takes alternative minimalist guitar approaches in to the realm of progressive rock with this "ala Rush" track."
Station manager, AAA.AXEMASTERS@MP3.COM

"This song is great. Really well-mixed, really well put together. Totally in tune, I think this is something I'd put on a movie soundtrack for a really good Suspense or Drama kinda' movie…"
Station manager, Degeneration 101 Radio

Golden Era of Alternative!
Decent riffage. Voice fits well with music. Pretty kick-ass overall. Reminds me of the golden days of alternative.
Anonymous - Gainesville, Florida

"This is the type of song I think about when I hear the word ROCK. Powerful drums and guitar, good lyrics and vocals."
Station manager, Only Real Rockers Here

Cool progression and you can dance to this. decent harmonies too. sounds very New York.
--saddino, Washington, DC

Jump And Shake!
Witty, and engaging. Great beat, great vocals...extra bass and lead guitar: this tune makes you want to jump and shake.
--Lioneagle - Washington, DC  

This song moves. There's a really cool guitar hook... The vocals are strong. Reminiscent of Cowboy Mouth. The bass is thumping; the drums are good and noisy (lots of cymbals) which I think help add to the 'screw y'all and listen to our song' attitude. Good job.
--timwpopp - Austin, Tx  

Solid and driving beat.
Nice driving sound. The vocals remind me a little of Naked Raygun. A nice solid tune.
--RaycerX - Stockholm, Sweden

I Dare You Not To Groove!
Right away, the groove of the song got my attention. It pleasantly surprising to hear a singer who sings on-key as well. The guitar solo was sweet and simple - exactly what the song called for. The song never took me to a place that I didn't want to go. The lyrics had a little Morrison-y feel to them which also added a nice touch. Overall, good job!
--godcomplex - Tustin, California

You've got me at once by the bass intro. I'm a sucker for that! Singer has a Billy Idol thing happening that is really cool! Production-wise, the drums could be brought up a little more, but that is just nitpicking. Cool song.
--jpw216 - New York

Cool Sound...This track has a cool beat and sound. Good luck in getting the recording contract. There is nothing I would do to make this track better. This track sounds cool and deserves the recording contract. Keep up the great work!
--PunkMusic182 - Highland, California

This is a good song...a little work on it and it might be the next number one.
--skylight_gurl - San Francisco, California

I like the track ,guitars are good and the music goes with the lyrical content.
--sage11 - Bremen, Ohio

Good vocals!! ...a very good tune... can't stop listening to it. Keep it up.
J_Balls - Safford, Arizona

Swelling vocals lay down an ocean of sound. Masterful guitar streams my ear and wakens my aura. This tune could be next years big hit with right people pushing the right buttons. More drums and bass volume.
--Flog - Apo, Ap, Korea

Real Music Is Still Out There.
Good song. Original idea and a good performance.
THLH - Flat Rock, Michigan

This song is constructed really well. Sounds like you should already have a record deal.....
--Cel32 - Faber, Virginia

This band IS super! Lots of talent on this track. I cannot criticize or even suggest anything, but that they keep playing.
00Donibscott - Richmond, Missouri

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"Emmett Brown" EP
"Max Q" CD


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Reverse Engineers is a three-piece progressive-alternative rock band based in Tampa, Florida, USA. Comprised of brothers William, Daniel and Charles Cote, the group has been creating music for just over seven years.

Current Conditions

The Reverse Engineers released their second CD, Max Q, in November 2004. It was produced with help from a grant from the Jim Beam company. The B.E.A.M. program is co-chaired by Matthew Sweet and Pat DiNizio, frontman for The Smithereens. Pat comments, “It is great to see deserving bands such as The Reverse Engineers take a step towards reaching their goals, while still maintaining complete independence.”

Media Attention

Although The Reverse Engineers (TRE) aren't yet signed to a record label, their latest release, Max Q, has enjoyed an enthusiastic welcome by thousands of fans worldwide. The first single off the album, “Sunshine with the Shade”, is currently positioned at #5 on’s global top 100 chart and is climbing (as of 3/4/05). Another radio-friendly track, “Weatherman”, garnered airplay on the UPN network morning show, The Daily Buzz, which is broadcast to 136 television stations.

And Internet progressive rock radio stations immediately embraced the leadoff track, “Mercury in Retrograde”. The Reverse Engineers are currently working with video producer, Peter Edwards, to produce a video for Mercury.

This warm reception to the long-awaited Max Q CD has helped generate a steady stream of traffic to the band’s website. In the four months since the CD was released, the site has received 12,000 unique visitors.

This attention continues the trend that was started with the release of The Reverse Engineers’ debut EP, Emmett Brown, which received widespread exposure via TV, radio and the Internet. The single “Bandwidth Conservation Society” made its radio debut on the syndicated radio program “Online Tonight with David Lawrence” on April 23, 2001. David Lawrence interviewed the band for forty-five minutes regarding the song and their involvement in CyberDay 1.0. The interview was broadcast live on over 80 stations across N. America, and globally via the Internet. Charles and William were also interviewed live on Tech TV regarding “BCS”. Tech TV is a cable news network that reaches 75 million households in over 100 countries.

“This type of media exposure is unheard of for a young struggling act like ours,” says Bill. “But if you’re bold, creative, and in this case, humorous, you can use the flood of media outlets that exist to broadcast your own unique message.”

Songs from the EP also garnered widespread exposure on the Internet. The song “Cover Girl” reached #1 on’s Experimental/Post-rock chart, #1 on Florida’s Alternative chart, and skyrocketed to #11 on’s global Alternative Top 40. TRE has been chosen as featured artist on,,, ( and

Band History
For decades, the garages of suburban America have been busy laboratories for creative musical expression. Amidst the sprawl of shopping malls, parking lots and middle-class subdivisions, The Reverse Engineers started their journey like thousands of other groups. Although it's been awhile since their garage days, TRE still speaks to a young suburban population thirsty for music that's long on meaning and short on pretension.

Although the members of the band are brothers, they didn’t spend their youth playing music together. (That is, unless you count hours of air guitar performances on tennis racquets to bands like Boston, Kiss and Rush.) In fact, even though Charles scored the highest marks ever recorded on the Tolland County music tests when he was in elementary school, he was too busy building weather instruments and charting hurricanes to concentrate on playing music. (Listen to the band’s song, “Weatherman”, for more info.)

But when Charles finally did pick up the bass at the ripe old age of 17, he immediately became one of Tampa Bay’s best bass players. It didn’t take long before he had mastered entire albums of Geddy Lee bass lines and started playing out professionally. His first gig was to replace bassist Sean Malone (who would later found Gordian Knot, a project with other notable musicians such as Bill Bruford) in the DB Records’ band, Multi-Color House. Multi-Color House had just released its first record on the legendary Atlanta independent label, and Charles was soon playing gigs throughout the Tampa area and the Southeast.

Daniel, the youngest member of the group, also took awhile to find his primary instrument. Except for a very brief stint playing snare in the marching band, he didn’t get his first drum kit until he was 19 years old. He instead spent his early years expressing his innate sense of rhythm by breakdancing on cardboard in the middle of the living room floor.

But it didn’t take too long before the sound of his older brothers’ Rush records woke h