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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Denny Rydell"

The Revue is a beautiful thing. - Guitar/Rydells

"Ben Cort the XV"

So i went to this sweet show last night. it was really good, except for the screamo and the hardcore bands. i dont have to like the music, but i should show some respect for going out and playing. but then there was this really really good band, the revue, i bought their CD. they had a sort of MC5 sound, really fun to watch. - Bass/the Talkboxes


The Revue write some fucking catchy amazing rocking songs. Everytime I hear something new from them I'm like "Damn I wish I had thought of that." and then I picture Cory's stage antics while listening to the song and I laugh to myself.
- Guitar/the Midnight Creeps


The Revue just have a way of writting great songs with catchy melodies. "Take My Hand, Take My Heart" is a perfect example of how a song can get stuck in your head for weeks and never get boring. The only hope for garage/rock n' roll in New Hampshire. - Guitar/Red Invasion


well, i would have to say that you have an excellent live show, and it is very fun to watch. also that you're songs are well written and don't loose interest after the first 5 minutes of listening to them, like you do with most bands.
- Bass/Fetish Chicken


They're not exactly Queen. But they're probably Queen with Paul Rodgers.

Sometimes when I'm going to sleep after a long night trying to bust down the door to dungeon rock, and it's around 6:23 in the morning, and I'm throwin' the pancake batter on the pan without even a bit of milk or eggs, turnin' that flame up to full power, and as I scrape the dust away from the smoldering pan, a little crust forms on the edge of my eye as flour flies. The Revue ARE that crust. - Guitar,Vox/Fetish Chicken

"Mikial Robertson"

This band captures the true essence of Rock n Roll. The Rolling Thunder Revue kicks ass with sweeet jams and major attitude. - Music Teacher/Songwriter/Producer


Take my Hand, Take my Heart Ep - 2005

Love, Loss, and Everything In Between Lp - 2007



The band started in 2004 when the BSS (Bob Saget Squad) broke up, all the members were once in the BSS at different times and decided to keep making music. We started with the idea to make in your face Rock 'n' Roll, with the influences of the Who, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and the Mooney Suzuki. The band at this point had three guitars and no bass. Our first Ep "Take my Hand, Take my Heart" shows our influences, but after only a couple of shows we decided to make more songs in the style of the Mooney Suzuki than Tom Petty. With Jason taking over on bass we changed our main influences to bands such as the Datsuns, the D4, AC/DC and QOTSA. The Revue has recorded a full length album "Love, Loss, and Everything In Between" which is available now in limited quantities.