The Rex Wicked

The Rex Wicked


Driving rock riffs, wailing vocals, tearing screams with weaving guitar licks and solos that leave you in awe. The Rex Wicked combine rock with classical piano for an unique, full and captivating live sound.


Combining a range of influences from each band member has made for an interesting sound which might be described as rock with a classical edge.
While most bands in Melbourne are heading down the rock revival line, The Rex Wicked are trying to defining their own genre and further developing their sound.


Kill Your Memory

Written By: The Rex Wicked

While I am sleeping,
Awake in my head,
My mind is breathing.
The night,
Over my shoulders,
Is driving my conscience
Take my hand
And pull me away.
I wanna kill your memory,
I wanna rip it out of my head,
I wanna kill
Your memory.
The time has come,
to forget what we have done
And I know that it was good
But our love was never true.

Happiness, Love and Peace

Written By: The Rex Wicked

Dreaming of places
That I have never been.
Thinking of people
That I have never seen.
Step outside to the
Warm sunshine
Got to get back to the
Life I've left behind.
Happiness is a mind
Temptation can resist
Love and peace are hard to
Find when they don't exist.
Look inside my head
Tell me what you see
Another world, another life,
Another me.
Can't decide what I've been
Put on this world to do
And I can't describe
The feeling I've got for you.
Cannot lie
About the places I want to go
And I won't get by
If you don't let me know.
My inspiration
Is burning like a cigarette.
Through space and time
My waste of mind
My path is set
Even you my love can
Not decided what road I take
Only I can justify
The choices that I make.

Street Lover

Written By: Brendan West

I saw you down the street,Just the other day
Waiting for a ride and some old man to pay
Smile on your face, hides what's inside
All the shit that you go through, just to stay alive

Street Love, Under Cover
Working on the night shift pocket full of rubber
Secret Life, Through the night
Day time mother at night
Your're Street Lover

Skirt way up high, Shirt open low
Man pulls up opens the door and says, Come with me ya hoe
Negotiating business deals, At 50 bucks a ride
Open up, Let me in, Let me come inside


Debut Self-titled EP 2005- Independent
AIR Australian Rock Compilation 2005
"A New Day" EP - to be released Nov 2007

Set List

"Dreams and Delusions"
"Kill Your Memory"
"Happiness, Love and Peace"
"One Moment"
"Life In Your Hands"
"A New Day"
"Dont Let Them Break You"
"The World Could Turn Around"
"Street Lover"