The Rez

The Rez


The Rez is a funk/jam/experimental band from Duluth, MN. We have solid vocals, 2 horns, bass, guitar, drums, percussion, and keys.


Rez Drummer Steve Farrell and Rez Bassist Matt Granmoe played in a band called Salvia. On their guitarist's cousin Eric Bong's 23rd birthday, Salvia played at a party, for Eric, at Andevarld (art gallery in Duluth, MN) that would change my life forever. Steve had invited Dave to come check it out, and Patrick (Keys), Johnny Blaze (Trumpet), and Eric (Percussion) were there to play in another band. I still can't quite recall what dizzying heights of hallucination I was flying through as I first heard that tender yet
toxic, sweet group of chords that would become the Rez song "Puddles." I was hanging my head in practical delirium as Dave, in typical Dave fashion, quietly disappeared into a corner to make love to a guitar. He was plugged into Salvia's guitarist's amp so I could hear him just enough to have my consciousness ripped from its travels and utterly absorbed in those beautiful sounds. I ran frantically to my bass as if the fate of the universe depended on it, and at the time, it did. I joined in on bass, Eric jumped on the conga set, Steve manned the kit, Johnny Blaze grabbed his trumpet and Patrick wailed on the keys. No one can be sure if the jam went on for three hours or three lifetimes, but in that moment an unbreakable musical and spiritual bond was forged betwixt that group of people which has never ceased to call us higher. That is the moment that I consider the beginning of The Rez.

Influences: Pourcipine Tree, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Grateful Dead, Phish, Umphrey's McGee, God Johnson and many more. For a full list of our influences, check out


The Rez Live at the Tap Room 12/14/2007 (online at (listen) or download at
Moon Halo Four
Moon Halo 4.2

Set List

Message, Skunk, Aeroplane, Charlie F. Purple, Elasticity, Puddles, Summer Romance -> Chameleon, Ghetto Woman, Defunk -> If You Have To Ask, Burn -> Fire on the Mountain, Salvador Dali

Our sets usually range from 1:30 - 2 hours

Our covers are:
Summer Romance -> Chameleon, Ghetto Woman, Aeroplane, Fire on the Mountain, Dark Star, Morning Dew, Karma Police, Lucky