The Rezzonators

The Rezzonators


-A Band With Substance-
Catchy riffs, cool grooves! A band featuring female vocals and playing original rock music, we resonate with our audience in a manner few bands have done before. Our show is not only pleasing to the ear but also visually stimulating with energy & excitement!


The Rezzonators began in Milwaukee when Guitar Bob searched high and low for like-minded musicians who wanted to play the kind of rock & roll that people wanted to hear, and they themselves wanted to play. A daunting task in today's music scene, but through patience and diligence, the end result speaks for it's own success.


The Rezzonators' double CD of all original material is being recorded currently and will be coming to an eardrum near you very soon.

Set List

We can play up to two hours of great, energetic, fun music!