Richard Jay

Richard Jay


My name's Richard Jay, I'm 16 and from the UK, I write my own music like and unlike alot of artists out there, I also record and produce all by myself so everything you hear is me. I've created my own sound as well promoting myself in various ways. I want this more than anything in the UNIVERSE!


Taken from BBC Introducing Interview

At the tender age of five he was writing music, or rather strumming his guitar and singing about cowboys.
It was eight years later, when Richard's parents booked him a slot at a recording studio, that the obsession really took hold.
"My mum just booked me a session for two hours and I came out with a song that I hadn't even prepared," he said.
"I just went in there and did it. I knew from then on that I wanted to do this forever."
A musical life
This inspired him to form a number of bands, but he found his level of dedication was not shared with his fellow musicians.
Eventually he decided to sail solo, pushing his demos out into the wider world to try and raise interest in his tunes.

Now aged 16, he's come on quite a bit.
The teenager writes, plays, sings and records his own music.
After appearing on local radio his popularity has increased, with over 80,000 people visiting his artist page on MySpace.

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I've also been selected as Number 52 on the New Year Ninety 2010 Ones To Watch



Set List

Original Songs:

Take Me To LA
Lust Is A Must
The Room
A Way
Set Length : 20 - 30 mins