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The best kept secret in music


"Ready To Pop: Richard Jay"

At only 16 years young, Richard Jay is nothing short of a pop prodigy. This British singer/songwriter is a bit of an old soul who has an impressive knack for crafting catchy pop melodies. Jay writes on his MySpace page, "I write songs with my hands and heart." And that's a very good way to put it.

Jay has quietly released some tracks on his MySpace space that he played, sang, produced and recorded entirely by himself. Calvin Harris has noticed and Jay is heading to Los Angeles soon to write for Allie Gonino and hopefully with buzz act Sky Ferreira as well.

Check out a demo version of "Today," a throbbing synth tune that stands out with its crafty vocal layering in the chorus. The song can use some polishing, but it is a neat demo track that has me very curious for more. There are a few more of Richard's songs that you can check out on his MySpace page. Listen to the heartfelt "A Way" and the theatrical "This Is Halloween." Jay is about to pop so you better listen up. - MTV Award Winner Arjan Writes -

"Indie Bands - Richard Jay"

Richard Jay from The UK is a solo artist who writes his own material, plays all the instruments and sings. What always impresses me with artists like Richard is the absolute commitment and self-belief that is required. I had a phone conversation with Richard and inevitably asked him why he had chosen the solo route and it is simply down to dedication. He has played in bands previously but the band concept just hadn’t worked for him.

Richard Jay

As I have previously mentioned on other articles about solo artists, the real commitment is behind the scenes, as each track has to be written, played and laid down by the solo artist. As a former vocalist, I can only say, laying down the vocals was enough to drive me in to an apoplectic rage, never mind the idea of doing it over and over again for each instrument and back then most material was only on an 8 track recording.

On live performance Richard can be seen lugging in his laptop on which music is already laid, a guitar and his mike, he does sometimes use a session drummer when he plays live.

Richard Jay writes is an impressive writer, his music belies his years and there is a depth and resonance to the out-put. With his effective use of layering the music generates a sound which creates the effect of this being a group with numerous singers and musicians. His music is not my natural territory, but I can hear some superb writing and musical ability and it will be no surprise to see this heading in to the mainstream.

Today is a superb introduction to the sound of Richard Jay:

Richard Jay – Today

to hear more head over to his myspace page.

Having already secured local BBC Radio play, he is planning to head off to LA early next year to write and collaborate with a couple of other solo artists. Keep your ears open for Richard Jay, he deserves considerable success. As I have more news I will get it posted and hopefully get up some video pretty soon. - Indie Bands Blog

"Richard Jay : Today"

I got an email a little while ago about an artist by the name of Richard Jay, over in the UK. Jay has got that smoothed out electro pop sound, like Hellogoodbye's "Here (In Your Arms)," but more so. Honestly, I get my fair share of these types of emails, but what gave me pause was that this kid is 16 years old and he's not half bad.

There are two songs on his MySpace, but I'm taking a look specifically at "Today," with all its little blips and buzzes. Jay's vocals have a chilled entrancing quality that ebbs throughout the song. The backing is pretty standard for the genre, but there's a lot of potential there and it's always nice to hear that someone so young is not just sitting around playing video games all afternoon. That sentiment comes through in the song itself too, "Gonna go my own way, gonna get out today, yeah." Over all, definitely worth taking a listen. Jay is apparently signed to Curtain Call Records, no word on what he's currently working on-- I bet it'll be pretty cool, though... and all blippy and buzzy. - The Musically Inclined





Taken from BBC Introducing Interview

At the tender age of five he was writing music, or rather strumming his guitar and singing about cowboys.
It was eight years later, when Richard's parents booked him a slot at a recording studio, that the obsession really took hold.
"My mum just booked me a session for two hours and I came out with a song that I hadn't even prepared," he said.
"I just went in there and did it. I knew from then on that I wanted to do this forever."
A musical life
This inspired him to form a number of bands, but he found his level of dedication was not shared with his fellow musicians.
Eventually he decided to sail solo, pushing his demos out into the wider world to try and raise interest in his tunes.

Now aged 16, he's come on quite a bit.
The teenager writes, plays, sings and records his own music.
After appearing on local radio his popularity has increased, with over 80,000 people visiting his artist page on MySpace.

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