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The Rich Casella Band

Bayonne, New Jersey, United States | SELF

Bayonne, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Band Rock Acoustic


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1999 - Live at the Acropolis
2000 The Dictator's Bitch
2001 The Dictator's Bitch 2
2003 - Ira's Glare
2007 -Uranium Fields



"Damn Casella, you're getting bigger!" my wrestling buddy said to me back in high school. I had been lifting weights for 6 months and didn't think of it at all. In fact I hadn't noticed a difference. But he did.

That stuck in the back of my head for years and as time passed, people started to say; that's a good song, or a good recording, or the way you interacted with a crowd was cool. That's how I see life. An ever continuing process of growth where if your eyes are open to change, you'll wake up one day and realize your getting good at something.

I have 4 CDs out, I play live in Hoboken NJ regularly and play with some of the fiercest musicians I've eve heard. In fact to stand in the room and experience the force of the music is really something.

I cast out on my own apart from the constraints of a band and started out with a satirical rock band mixing serious with campy music in 1999. Over the years I tried countless ways to promote the shows; street promotion, internet marketing, even hosting a local TV show that actually blossomed into a programming career.

There were a million pitfalls along the way and I fell into every single one of them and bear a scar for each. I hear that women love scars.

I have landed on the stages of Webster Hall in NYC, Prospect Park, Sullivan Hall and a million other little gigs along the way that little by little created someone that can hold an audience. I take chances. Sometimes I shine like a star and sometimes I fall flat on my face. After I write this, I will pick up my acoustic guitar and write something that I hopefully will look back on and say, damn Casella you really did something good there.

Back in 1999 I remember recording what I would later call "Live at the Acropolis." this CD resembled the campiness but songwriting potential of Ween. It marked the beginning of a long journey of development.

The Second CD recorded later that year and into 2000 was called "The Dictators Bitch" Why did I call it that? I dont know. It seemed funny at the time. Again, I was in a cocoon of ignorant but blissful development. I answered to nothing and no one and poured silly creativity onto a machine.

A strange twist of fate landed me in the offices of MTV in 2000 after quitting a job and deciding to give up my apartment. One of the candidates to move in worked at MTV and I found myself working there a week later. There's very much something to be said for declaring your independence. Strange and glorious things happen if you do.

While nestled in the cocoon of splitting the rent with a girlfriend and living off savings, I wrote the Dictator's Bitch 2 and what were the beginnings of a CD called Ira's Glare. The Dictator's Bitch 2 produced such masterpiece artistic rights of passage like "Straight From Hell" the mind bending, award winning display of acoustic guitar intensity and technique. It also has a slew of other great songs that I'm deeply proud of.

In 2003 Ira's Glare marked the reaching of songwriting development with epic melodic and insightful songs like "Haze in the Summertime" and "Falling off the Edge of Planet Earth. Another acoustic guitar epic.

Over the next 5 years, I lived the life of an artist while writing what would later be called "Uranium Fields" this CD was truly a masterpiece. I cannot listen to a note of that recording with out having a deep pride for every thing that was on it.

Notable performances were Sullivan Hall in New York City, Webster Hall, Prospect Park Bandshell The Red Lion in NYC and I regularly perform in Hoboken NJ playing covers and originals.

Over the years many artistic side roads ran concurrently with the music like music video development, video editing and computer programming.

Plans for the future: One of two things is going to happen in the future #1 is I am going to find representation in the music business to work WITH me in the proliferation of this music. #2 is Im going to finance it myself.

If the latter happens which Im hoping it doesnt but guessing it may, my thinking I will be continue to be blessed with the same bad luck that drove me to master the litany of arts contained within this field. The next will be some how pulling enough money out of this market (probably with computer development) so I can hire people.

Make no mistake about it, if it is within the capabilities of one motivated human being to achieve this gargantuan challenge, I will find a way to do it.

Awards: 2008 winner of the Relix magazine band promotion contest

Press: Hudson Reporter,,, various small publications

TV appearances: Art or Something Like it.