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"Art Gives Voice to Durham"

Art gives voice to place
by Will McGuirk

We are at that stage in the Art of Transition movement where the seed we planted has begun to sprout, and buds are beginning to appear. This growth is tangible and viable.

Folks involved are taking charge, making creative decisions and not just thinking outside the box, but refolding the box origami-style until it fits what it needs to carry. Durham Tourism took on the laudable task of re-jigging their promotional jingle. In true Art of Transition spirit, they sought out community artists’ voices and input. They didn’t travel to professional, by-the-hour specialists who could package Durham Region up in a minute-long hook. No sir, no madam.

They went after you, and you, and you.

The result sings of Durham Region like no auto-tuned canned track ever could.

This new jingle is a song. It is intimate, and personal, and connects one to many. One experience reflected upon becomes something shared by all who live, work, play and travel here.

This new jingle is a song written by 19-year-old, Matthew Riches, of the Frenchman’s Bay area of Pickering. This area is industry and water, boats and boredom, factories and freedom—and it all bleeds into the song Here In Durham.

Matthew’s Who-Has-Seen-The-Wind youth and his adult aspirations wind up in it. His sense of the area, the juxtaposition of residential and rural, is expressed in the choice of genre. It’s a country-frayed folk track, a genre almost indigenous to Durham Region. Durham’s music scene is defined by the one-time residencies of Neil Young in the west, Ian Tyson in the east, and Ronnie Hawkins in the north—what I refer to as the “Dude Triangle.” Riches is a dude, and his song abides.

Yet Riches is not a singer/songwriter chap. He’s is a nitty-gritty, hard-rock dude. He has a band. They are hard. His influences are not the Dudes, but the radio hits of Guns ‘n’ Roses, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles.

But think again, unfold and fold again—these artists were also inspired by location, of place. The Guns sang of place as jungle. Zeppelin sang of place wrapped in mist and myth. Lennon and McCartney sang of place on the double A-Side, Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane. Place matters to art. Art gives a voice to place.

Riches saw his place and he listened. He heard Durham not in the rush of the backbeat, but in the gentle unhurried sounds of Frenchman’s Bay. Not in the rush of 401 traffic, but in the almost silent clipping of the windmill by the Pickering power plant.

The song is an original. And it is Riches’ first attempt at such a thing—all the while learning from his influences that true rock ‘n’ roll is not imitative, but inspiring. It is not about ready-made riffs and radio hits, but it is independent thought given independent voice.

Durham Region took a chance on local voices and discovered Matthew Riches, making, creating, playing, and aspiring to grow his passion into a career one day. And that’s what the Art of Transition is all about: growth. Next stops: blossom, bloom, and transition. - Will McGuirk


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From the grimy bathrooms of prestigious carnegie hall, classmates Gerard King, Matt Riches and Matt Davey had found themselves with a common interests that goes beyond the bathroom floor. These three young musicians with a wide eclectic music background bring a refreshing new breed of music to the ears of musicians and music lovers alike. Together their unique sound combines ballsy hard rock with a nice fair squeeze of alternative rock, which appeals to mainstream and underground listeners collectively. These three under the name The Rich Kings bring forth a creative and high energy breed of musicianship and composition. The Rich Kings currently reside in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario and have played numerous venues which include; The Groove Lounge and the Atria. This band promises to continuously provide audiences with a fresh innovative sound that'll be sure to entertain for decades.