The Richland Quartet

The Richland Quartet


The Richland Quartet has tight family harmony with carefully chosen lyrics that promote the gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage fellow believers in their walk.


The Richland Quartet freely gives of their talents because the gospel is freely given to all who will believe. What sets RQ apart from other groups is that they do not charge for product or concerts. It's total ministry, not a business. RQ operates on love offerings and donations only. However, the quality is as good as many professional groups.


Saved & Secure, 2003

Set List

The Richland Quartet's concert repertoire is flexible with each venue. A normal RQ concert will run 45 minutes to 1 hour. They can sing a complete set or do a split set according to the venue format. RQ will sing a mixture of southern gospel favorites and traditional hymns arranged in a southern gospel style.