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The Rickaneers

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Blues


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"Invisible Ink Music Blog-The Rickaneers:Ghost Town Ep"

The Rickaneers: Ghost Town EP

January 1, 2015zacharyhoule
The Rickaneers Ghost Town EP

“Party People”

Album: Ghost Town EP
Artist: The Rickaneers
Label: Self-released
US Release Date: 2014-11-21
UK Release Date: 2014-11-21

The Rickaneers are a four-piece outfit from Toronto that pays homage to a wide range of influences. From ‘60s garage to ‘70s glam to ‘90s grunge, the band distinctly has its own sound, and that can be heard on their sophomore EP, Ghost Town. Featuring four songs in a quarter-hour blast, the EP is a startling way into the Rickaneers’ blend. While you may have to listen to it a number of times to quietly warm up to it, not one of these tunes is an outright bomb and you may find yourself becoming enamoured with the material. These tracks certainly sneak up on you and wallop you when you least expect them to, so there’s strength this garagey jangly rock.

The title track, which kicks things off, has all of the strut and swagger of a lost Nuggets nugget. “Don’t Understand” grinds and simmers with a low boil intensity, boasting a chugging guitar riff that definitely sticks. “Party People” is the EP’s most obvert nod to ‘90s style indie rock with a touch of ‘70s glamminess. Finally, “Regime” is vaguely reminiscent of a turbo charged piece of songwriting that might find its way into a Spaghetti Western as imagined by Quentin Tarantino. Overall, there’s heft to these songs, and they work rather well together. The EP serves as an apt appetizer of the Rickaneers’ sound, and one walks away from it wondering how these guys must be live. You get the impression that they must put on a heckuva live show, so if old school music is your bag, run don’t walk to their next concert. Or you can just buy this EP. Either way, you’re apt to be in for a good time.

Rating: 7 outta 10 - Zachary Houle

"Sasquatch Review- The Rickaneers-Ghost Town Ep"

Sasquatch Review - The Rickaneers - Ghost Town EP
Late last year The Rickaneers, a four piece from Toronto, released their latest EP, Ghost Town.

Photo: The Rickaneers Facebook
Having listened to it several times now, Ghost Town is a short but solid offering from the band and is well worth your time.

The EP kicks off with "Ghost Town," a twang and drawl-filled tune that sets the tone and mood right from the start. There's some really nice guitar work that can be heard on this track and the backup vocals are perfect, creating a nice layer that elevates the main vocal work.

As soon as the first track finishes, you're rushed into "Don't Understand," a true ode to classic rock and roll. The simple guitar riff gets the song moving and when the chorus hits you can't help but tap your foot along. Definitely the strongest track on the album, in my opinion.

The third track slows down the EP a bit with "Party People," a track interweaving mellow verses with a heavy chorus, culminating in a crescendo of drums, base and guitars, helping to bring the song to a strong close.

Finally, Ghost Town finishes with "Regime," a strong rock track with, in my opinion, the strongest solo on the EP, making it a fitting end to my time in Ghost Town.

Having listened to previous recordings from this band, they definitely benefit from the production value heard on these tracks. The sound is polished while still maintaining a live show vibe which is a definite asset to the band and their sound. Plus, it's always nice to listen to music where you can actually hear all the instruments being played and how they come together.

As a whole, this EP has a nice arch that you can follow as you listen to it. There is an established flow to the songs and their order, making it feel like a logical sequence and a complete experience after you've finished listening to it. If you get a chance, give The Rickaneers a listen below or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. - Giles Lino

"Sasquatch Review- The Rickaneers Ep"

Sasquatch Review - The Rickaneers EP
Instead of a top 5 this week, we're switching it up and reviewing an EP from a fine indie rock band, The Rickaneers.

A quartet from Toronto, The Rickaneers offer up a style of rock that blends together 60s garage, 70s blues and 90s alternative. With influences like Queens of The Stone Age, The White Stripes, Arcade Fire and Neil Young, The Rickaneers bring these musical stylings together, creating a quality sound and vibe that makes their CD a great listen.

The EP opens with the solid track "Heartbreaker," a 90s-infused song that takes a few lessons from The Black Keys. With a solid solo to help tie it all together, this straightforward rock track is a definite highlight of the EP.

"On My Way Home" is a drawl-filled blues rock tune that makes great use of a metal slider, something that is sorely missed in modern rock. The track then goes bare bones and turns into a guitar slide lament, both moody and somber, making it an interesting choice to close the song.

"Black Book" slows the tempo down of the EP while at the same time highlighting the band's versatility. The haunting backing vocals, soulful singing and musical composition bring this particular track together nicely.

Finally, the EP wraps up with "You're So Tuff," a rock tune through and through with great guitar and drum work, making it a solid conclusion to this 4-track EP.

All in all. The Rickaneers have served up a solid, well-paced EP that really showcases their style and sound. The recordings themselves manages to capture the sound and feel of a live show, making tracks like "On My Way Home" and "Black Book" really standout.

It's bands like The Rickaneers that make me confident that rock music is going to experience a huge revival. It might not happen now, but I'm positive it's going to happen soon.

If you're interested in listening to The Rickaneers, you can find their Bandcamp page here. Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @the_rickaneers. Like what you've read or heard? Drop a comment below and tell me about it or send me a tweet at @gileslino. Until next time. - Giles Lino


The Rickaneers Ep- Released January 2014
Ghost Town Ep- Released November 21, 2014



  The Rickaneers may have never existed if not for Doug the drummer's random purchase of a 19th century haunted cottage in Mount Albert, Ontario, Canada.  Drummer Doug Brown and singer/guitarist Jesse Schanck met through a friend in 2006, forging a musical friendship through till 2008-the year Doug spent his life's savings on the ancient house. While renovating, Doug upset the foundations of the building and had an alarming encounter with a ghost. He had no choice but to resort to harsh threats and loud opera singing to rid himself of the spirit. And it worked. The ghost left, the band had a rehearsal space, and The Rickaneers were born.                                                                               The Rickaneers have been compared to the likes of The Stooges, White Stripes, QOTSA and The Doors, while one friend once commented that they sound exactly like "a punky Pink Floyd".  While Jesse and Doug remain the bands founding members and songwriters, they've had many talented friends join them on their records and can be seen live as a three or four piece act.  With over two years of playing live under their belt, The Rickaneers are in full stride and are gaining more and more interest with every gig.  Their latest Ep, titled, Ghost Town, is both an homage to the Mt. Albert ghost, and reflection of how far this band has come, in such a short while.  The Rickaneers have earned their reputation as one of Toronto's best up-and-coming live acts to watch.

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