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"Review of 'Violence Marred By Peace' by The Rick Ray Band"

Finding Rick Ray and his band is much like the Gospel parable of seeking for the pearl of great price: once found, you're satisfied. There are many ways to describe Rick Ray: an unsung guitar virtuoso with impeccable skill, a guitar slinger who shreds beyond metal conventions, or a true homegrown (the album cover is totally Photoshopped), American heartland guitar hero who pursues the unexpected and unconventional. Rick Ray is all these things and much more. As for credentials (like he needs them), Mr. Ray and company have been on stage with Trower, Frank Marino, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steve Morse, Kansas, Michael Schenker, Pat Travers and a host more. If you haven't heard of him, then now's the time to listen up. The Rick Ray Band is very, very good at what they do.
And what do they do? Something totally unexpected, creative and sometimes, wholly indescribable: this is progressive rock fusion. In the credits you find many instruments beyond the normal guitar, bass and drums including clarinet, saxophone, oboe, trumpet, and trombone. (Honestly, I'm a sucker for the inclusion of horns in rock music.) Ray and band easily blend rock and shred with blues, jazz, psychedelia and more. And for some additional interest, Ray adds some social and political commentary in his work. But on to the music.
I was challenged by this work, yet thoroughly enjoyed it. You must listen carefully: this is not the same old same old. So here are some highlights. 'Sgt. Pepperspray' is melancholy and nearly psychedelic containing a solid bass line and shredding fret work which veers from metal to a subdued blues-like feel. 'Matthew' is supremely interesting thanks to the vibrant horns and great bass line. The guitar is accurate and subtle with less shredding. 'Lunatic Serenade,' an instrumetal piece, is beautifully strange reminding one of Pink Floyd. The premier piece is 'Among The Fire' where the fusion is brilliant: guitar and horns duel in a jazz rock fusion. Wow! Good stuff!
The Rick Ray Band is like Brand X meeting the best guitar shred. But that is still a wholly inadequete description. You must listen to this music to grasp the ingenuity and difference. This is totally challenging and creative stuff. I'm thinking I need to get the back catalog, but my pockets aren't that deep! Highly recommended! - Craig Hartranft
- Danger Dog Reviews

"Review of 'Temporary World' by The Rick Ray Band"

THE RICK RAY BAND – TEMPORARY WORLD: Rick Ray is a veteran guitar genius who has released many albums and has collaborated with an impressive list of artists. Rick also plays keys and sings although on this occasion Chuck Abraham aptly handles the lead vocals. Rick has assembled an energized line up for Temporary World, his latest twelve-track CD. Since all six members of the band contributed to the album, the songs vary in structure and style. The Rick Ray Band incorporates an array of genres into this album, which can range from acoustic to intense. Hard rock is the strongest ingredient on the CD but it is also flavored with jam, jazz-fusion and progressive. 'Until The End' opens with wild sound effects flowing into deep dark bass and guitar lines that move up and down the scale. Midway the song melds more elements into the mix with innovative keyboards and stirring vocals. 'Rumor Clinic' packs a powerful punch with multilayered instrumentation including reeds and soaring vocals. The two opening tracks set a strong tone for the rest of the stirring set. The Rick Ray Band are passionate, professional players and Temporary World is diverse and divine!
• Recommended Tracks: (1,2) [USA/OH 2005 - web] (2006 Review by Laura Turner Lynch for
- Kweevak Music Magazine

"Review of 'Nothing To Lose' by The Rick Ray Band"

Nothing To Lose – The Rick Ray Band

There has been a longer gap than usual for this new Rick Ray album to appear but "Nothing To Lose" finally arrived and it was certainly worth the wait.
After the shock death of Chuck Abraham, Rick's long time friend and vocalist on this album's predecessor, one could wonder if Chuck's death would influence this new album. A death can either leave you angry; with an introspective creative mood or an "ok, let's start over and move on" attitude. Listening to this new collection of tracks, there is certainly a sense of maturity and mood induced music here which did surface on it's predecessor but this time it has come to full fruition. This is certainly helped by the arrangements, writing and production skills that again, began on "Temporary World", whereby, Rick and Co have finally matured into a world class act. All instruments and vocals blend into a fusion, completing the soundscape, especially with the sax, guitar and keys weaving and intermixing with such skill that was so obviously lacking in Rick's early work. If you like, Rick has lost that raw gung ho attitude of throwing everything into the melting pot, he seems more content on letting the music dictate the groove rather than forcing it. "Nothing To Lose" is a watershed release brim full of lasting material which again, similar to "Temporary World", reminds me of early 70's Rory Gallagher's "I Can't Believe It's True" and the album that it came from. Check out "Living In Sin" and "Across The Bridge Of Time", they both create a classic blues atmosphere. This type of material is abundant here, "Back To The River", "The Whole Ball Of Wax", Standing In Harm's Way, "Substitute For Faith", "Hands Of Circumstance" and "Nothing To Lose", all are razor sharp in their execution, portraying Rick's fusion of jazz/blues/rock with hints of progressive highlights. This album emulates its predecessor and enters E.P.R.R. list of essential albums of 2007. 100%

European Progressive Rock Reviews
- European Progressive Rock Reviews

"Review of 'The Setlist' by The Rick Ray Band (2009)"

Back in the day when I used to try to find the most obscure, coolest progressive
sounds in music, I would listen to WMMS or pick up magazines like Circus, Creem, Acid
Rock, and Cash Box. Sometimes we would find someone new or bizarre on Don
Kirshner’s Rock Concert or Midnight Special, that’s how our level of “cool” was measured.
Whoever was the first to get a new album by someone with that heavy progressive sound
with a guitarist playing like a demon on fire, ruled. We found bands like King Crimson and
Hawkwind that refused to go to the mainstream, but maintained a creative force
that built a special fan base would have definitely would be on that list we search for
so relentlessly to show off at our parties or ‘get togethers.’ Their 31 st CD,
(Neurosis Records) is now available and ready for you to be the first in your high level music
appreciation group to listen to over and over again. No kidding man! The moment you hear
the beginning of the opening track, Taken Control it’s time to ‘twist one up!’ Rick’s
highly intense guitar virtuosity will mesmerize you with dominating licks only comparable to
the likes of Frank Marino, Robin Trower, or Jeff Beck. His playing is just out of this world,
silky, smooth, fluid, fast and rocky. This CD is packed with rock fusion and psychedelic jazz
that is progressively composed and arranged. You can’t get enough of it!
Complimented by some unusually unique wind and brass reeds by Rick Schults, adds in
the touches that puts this band in a lunacy all their own.
Drummer Paul Geltch and Bassist Wally Spisak work very hard and well together
holding the driving force that allow the tunes to go where no tunes have gone before.
Lead vocalist Dennis Corrigan (formerly with Deja Voodoo) who is the latest addition
to The Rick Ray Band, brings a powerful and deliberate identification to the frontline with
his mighty vocal chords. I like how he finds the right spots to play his harmonica wherever
it fits in.
My favorite cut is The Voices . It goes into a really nice jam featuring everyone playing a
lead throughout the song. There are no weak spots on The Setlist . It will not kill your buzz.
It will make you want to go out and find other Rick Ray Band CD’s. There are 30 more you
can add to your collection!
Oh! If all this ain’t enough, you should see The Rick Ray Band live. Remember when I
mentioned being mesmerized earlier? The credentials for this band speak for itself. They
have opened for Robin Trower, Mahogany Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, Pat Travers, Michael
Schenker Group, and Lynyrd Skynrd. can be purchased directly
from Neurosis Records for only $7. To learn more visit You can also
purchase it at

By Jasper
July 8 - 22, 2009 • (440) 415-0999 - North Coast Voice

"Review of 'Night Of The Living dedicated' by The Rick Ray Band"

The Rick Ray Band - Night Of The Living Dedicated
If, like me, you had never heard any of Ohio axe-man Rick Ray’s releases, we’ve got a bit of catching up to do. With some 25+ releases to his name, ‘prolific’ seems somewhat inadequate a description of his output.
The first of his 2004 releases under The Rick Ray Band banner (I would guess that there will be at least one more this year), Night Of The Living Dedicated is a mesh of hard rock, prog and jazz.
Joining Rick Ray (guitar, keyboards, vocals) is Rick Schultz (reeds), Gary Wood (bass, vocals), Sam P J Glorioso (drums) and Phil Noch (vocals), the three vocalists taking on the role on individual tracks.
The raw quality of the recording adds to the endearing compositions and vocally at least, I kept on getting images of Hawkwind for some strange reason.
Rick Schultz’s brilliant saxophone conjures up feelings of Gong and Moving Hearts whilst the bass of Gary Wood has a kind of Canterbury element. The hard rock drumming style of Sam P J Glorioso is strong and secure, and untypically is not at the forefront of the mix, which lets all the instruments be heard.
Although this is a studio recording, it has that ‘live’ quality, and it is, consequently, not hard to envisage the band on stage.
Digressing for a moment, the band have appeared on the same bill as Mahogany Rush, The Lizards and Michael Schenker group in recent years, supporting Mahogany Rush on a number of occasions. I had the pleasure of seeing Mahogany Rush back in the late 70’s and recall part of the audience leaving the theatre within the first five minutes when they realised it was not the same band as Rush. They do not know what they missed. Great band.
Rick’s guitar work is outstanding, with styles ranging from Robin Trower to Steve Howe. Bearing in mind that I had not heard any of Rick’s work before, my first impression of Night Of the Living Dedicated was, to be quite honest, not that good; vocals and the recording quality jarred initially and I convinced myself that this was just a slightly strange rock album. Yet a couple of spins in the player later left me musing how first impressions can be totally incorrect. The music is very progressive with a smidgen of space-rock and psychedelia here and there and with great tracks such as The Casualty, Containment and the epic The Civilized War to name but three, I am firmly hooked.
At the sinful giveaway price of £5, Night Of The Living Dedicated should find a way into all serious music lovers’ collections.
Jem Jedrzejewski
- Hairless Heart Herald

"Review of 'Chainsaw Manicure' by Rick Ray"

Rick Ray returns again with another solid disc of amazing music. Amazing for the incredible talent it takes to complete such an undertaking, amazing in the fact that the artist does a number of these each year, and amazing for the sheer breadth of genres covered here.
I know it's hard to imagine, but try to picture the guitar talents of Frank Zappa, David Gilmour and Rick Derringer - with a little Billy Gibbons thrown in - combined to create a single entity. That'll give you a general idea of what Rick Ray is up to. Ray has the creative curiosity of Zappa, the progressive talents of Gilmour and the energy of Derringer and Gibbons. It's a pretty impressive package.
There's a little bit of every genre folded up and tucked inside "Chainsaw Manicure." Some of the tracks here edge toward Pink Floyd while otherwise bring to mind the stranger stuff of ZZ Top. There are little chunks of hard rock and heavy metal, passages of classic rock and the occasional classical guitar discipline and flamenco flair.
Lest we overlook that "creative curiosity of Zappa," the songwriting here should be mentioned as well. Lyrically and vocally, Ray's work emulates the brilliant style of the one and only Zappa. Ray doesn't have the same confidence that Zappa never failed to display, but he makes the best of what God has given him, delivering his socially conscious lyrics with effective, if imperfect, clarity.
"Chainsaw Manicure" will appeal to those who have enjoyed any of Ray's previous works and also to those who like their rock with no boundaries and no cookie-cutter formulas. Ray continues to stretch his imagination and the imagination of his audience - and he continues to do it often and well.
All instrumentation by Rick Ray except reeds which were played by Rick Schultz.

R. Scott Bolton
- Rough Edge

"Review of 'Chainsaw Manicure' by Rick Ray (#2)"

Rick Ray - Chainsaw Manicure
Rick Ray is back, temporarily minus his band this time, with Chainsaw Manicure. Rick plays all instrumentation with the exception of reeds (Rick Schultz) on this album. The word 'more' crops up a few times when loosely comparing Chainsaw Manicure with The Rick Ray Band's Night Of The Living Dedicated - more prog, more fun, more serious.
None of the 13 tracks are particularly long; the majority fall into the four minute-something range with the longest and album opener, Reality Replaces The Symbol, hitting the six minute mark. The old saying, 'it's not the size that matters but what you do with it', definitely applies here and man of experience, Mr Ray, is onto a winner. Take it as read that Rick's guitar playing remains top of the class and is expected. The 'wow' factor on Chainsaw Manicure is the compositions and arrangements. The prog aspect dominates, even in potentially commercial tracks such as Leave It Unsaid, and moments of Zappa-meets-Floyd-meets-Tull are to be savoured in Nothing Left To Think.
There is often an underlying sense of Pink Floyd wafting in and out of the compositions (though a Floyd purist may disagree), but I do mean a 'sense' and not any sort of duplication. A few listens to this album and personal favourites will come to the fore. One of those favourites will probably be the super-sensual semi-acoustic guitar instrumental, Just Wanted To Thank You. Pure class. As is the spine-tingling Threnody.
Moments of prog-fusion, and fun, reveal themselves in tracks such as Rhinoceros Shuffle where Rick Shultz excels himself on sax. Chainsaw Manicure is too good to pass by, so don't be fooled by Rick's ridiculously generous give-away price.
Jem Jedrzejewski
- Hairless heart Herald

"Review of 'Nothing To Lose' by The Rick Ray Band (#2)"

The Review:
This is the first material that I've ever heard from this band. Sounds to me like generally late 60s-early 70s style moderate-Hard rock for the most part. Excellent guitar and Bass work and some seriously good Saxophone tweedling as well. Some of the bands they remind me of in no particular order, Traffic, Sugarloaf, Steppenwolf, The Tubes, Blodwyn Pig, Atomic Rooster, Faith No More & Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra?
Here's some of my thoughts regarding the individual tunes:
• TRACK 1. "There's Always a catch". Excellent opener. Guaranteed to put some lead in your pencil. The Bass line reminds me of the "Batman" theme from the old 1960s T.V. show.
• TRACK 2. "Back to the river". Good driving tune. For those long commutes to work Etc. When coffee alone just won't do it. Nice cover.
• TRACK 3. "The Whole Ball of Wax". Play VERY LOUD and drive your "Camp Mates" insane with this one at two O-clock in the morning. Very much fun. Nice Sax work.
• TRACK 4. "Blue print for Ruin". Sounds like "Steppenwolf", "Faith No More" and "Traffic" got together for a jam session. Or something like that. More cool Sax work.
• TRACK 5. "Living in Sin".Difficult to describe. Kind of laid back and mellow compared to the rest of the album. I like it.
• TRACK 6. "Substitute for Faith". Another fairly mellow tune with a nice Coda.
• TRACK 7. "Standing in Harms Way". Very "Traffic" like. Lot's-O-Sax and some serious Extra Blues thrown in for good measure.

• TRACK 10. "If we're Silent". Sounds to me like a medley/Reprise of the various themes of the album up to this point. kind of.
• TRACK 11. "Nothing to lose". Sort of late in the game for the title cut but this WILL make your spouse storm into the room shouting: "God Damn It, Will you PLEASE turn that down!" Oh yes indeed it will. Other than that, It's cool. It also blends many elements from the rest of the album kind of like Track 10 does.
• TRACK 12. "Across the Bridge of Time". Very Nice instrumental closer.
Overall recording quality is Very good. I recommend a neutral setting on your EQ toys until you've listened to this a few times, then Adjust to your sonic taste as necessary. Mr. Ray does VERY Nice Guitar work. If you're into this style of music, This band is NOT to be missed. BELIEVE IT!
Reviewed by Greg Smith on October 2nd, 2007
- Prognaut


The Rick Ray CD's available from Neurosis Records are as follows:
1.Abnormal Road (1999) Rick Ray
2.Balance Of Power (1999) Rick Ray
3.The Great Antagonist (1999) Rick Ray
4.Atomic Soldiers (1999) Rick Ray
5.Clone Man (1999) Rick Ray
6.Neurotic Tendencies (1999) Rick Ray
7.You People (1999) Rick Ray
8.Looking Into The Past (1999) R. Ray (Featuring Neurotic,RRB,Riot Act)
9.The Key To The Bottomless Pit (1999) Rick Ray
10.Cast Into Our Dimension (2000) Rick Ray
11.Live At Suma (2000) Riot Act (a 1996 rerelease) Rick's old band
12.Maniacal Disastrophe Tour (2000) Riot Act - Rick's old band
13.Approach With Extreme Caution (2000) Riot Act - Rick's old band
14.Living In An Insane World (2000) Rick Ray
15.Mind Control Inc. (2000) Rick Ray
16.A Summary Of The Works Of Rick Ray (2000) Rick Ray
17.Guitarsenal (2000) Rick Ray
18.Manipulated DNA (2001) Rick Ray
19.Insanity Flies (2001) Rick Ray
20.Existing Passages (2002) Rick Ray
21.The Guitarsonist (2002) Rick Ray
22.Into The Hands Of Sinners (2003) The Rick Ray Band
23.Out Of The Mist Of Obscurity (2003) The Rick Ray Band
24.Night Of The Living Dedicated (2004)The Rick Ray Band
25.Chainsaw Manicure (2004) Rick Ray
26.Just Jammin' (2004) Neurotic (From 1978) RR's old band (Rough but cool)
27.Mazy Craniacs (2005) Neurotic (Circa 1979) RR's old band
28.Temporary World (2005) The Rick Ray Band
29.Nothing To Lose (2007) The Rick Ray Band
30. Violence Marred By Peace (2008) The Rick Ray Band
31.The Setlist (2009) The Rick Ray Band



The Rick Ray Band is a hard rock band that mixes in progressive rock, jazz fusion, blues rock and psychedelic elements with thought provoking lyrics. Our influences are many, including The Beatles, Robin Trower, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Captain Beyond, Focus, Pat Travers, Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, Emerson Lake & Palmer to name a few. We play some jaw dropping music and our goal is to give the audience VHF (vertical hair factor), chills up and down the spine!