The Ridlla and DP

The Ridlla and DP

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We some of the most freshest emcee's coastin' comin up from the west all is one we explodin, droppin' these beats down every second, LT reppin'


Our group, stands out amongst every group in hip hop and rap today. Typically I produce about 3 beats a day, and not just "oh that's cool" beats, but songs that really have impressed alot of people and there is no shortage of creativity in my brain. The amount of variety between each artist is incredible. I'm (Sean) from the SF bay, Patrick is from Houston, Laura is from L.A., Joe is from Fremont, California. Our lyrics aren't just bling bling, killing people and money, they actually have depth. 2pac is one of my biggest influences, his music was nothing short of prolific, eminem of course, lyrically he is unmatched my most.


#1 "Ask Me How" Promo CD 10 tracks, Copyright 2005

#2 "The Riddla and DP" 1st DEMO 14 tracks, Copyright 2006 3 of which are submitted for this contest

Set List

We have performed "Lake Tahoe" several times because thats what the crowds keep asking for, but we also perform some of our favorites, "We do it like this" "Hard for you"