Original music with the blues as the backbone. Soulful vocals and kickass guitar set against driving bass and drums. These cats will surprise you everytime.


According to Marci Stanley, “Cover songs are fun but, playing our own songs makes it worth all of our time and effort.” Marci Stanley and the Ride Kings are a self-described blues band from Ravenswood, WV. Writing their own songs paid off in February when they used their original compositions to claim the top band spot at the River Cities Blues Competition in Marietta, Ohio.

Although blues has been a big part of the band’s success, material on their cd ranges from pop to hard rock to standard blues. “Sunday” is an acoustic pop song with an unforgettable melody. “Hardball” is a heavy, riff driven song that sounds like today’s and yesterday’s rock and roll. On “Stand Up” you can hear Hendrix, Tchaikovsky and Stevie Ray Vaughn influences. Their blues roots can be heard in songs like “If You Loved Me” and “Seasonal Love.”

The keys to their live performances are aggressive/soulful vocals, strong/driving bass and drums, and unashamed guitar solos. At a typical honky-tonk gig, you’ll hear all of their originals plus covers from the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, ZZ Top, Sweet, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and more.


Marci Stanley and the Ride Kings I