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"Fan Comments"

There’s a lot of garbage on MySpace to wade through some times but once in a while you come across some great music. I think their MySpace page is burned into my screen at this point. Can’t wait until I get the EP’s.

~David Naffis 08/07/2006

RJ is the BEST thing to come out of Vancouver in a LONG time! They are fantastic live - even better than the EPs...if you get the chance check em out live! :)

~Kat 17/04/2007

Hi you guys,
Oh my! I must say, I've been quite taken by you and your musical talents lately!... Just recently I heard your song "The Sky Is Falling" on CFOX indie night in Canada hour. I was immediately addicted to the song.

~Shiela Pritchard

I've walked by Sears today and picked up your CD, Rider Jones. Just wanted to let you guys know keep up with the good work, its great stuff! My favorite songs are Wide Awake and Coffee Shop.

~Elaine Yeh

Hey there,

My wife and I were recently on vacation in Whistler, B.C. and spent a day in Vancouver prior to returning home to Atlanta, GA. We were walking through the city and couldn't help but to stop in front of HMV and listen to you guys play. The music was absolutely captivating and after a few songs we came up to say hello and buy a CD. We've been back for a few weeks now and the CD is still in the player - great stuff!

We just wanted to say thank you for making such special music and helping to make our trip to B.C. memorable. In the event that you guys ever make it to Atlanta, please let me know. We'd be happy to help "spread the word" of Rider Jones and bring lots of friends to the show.

Best of luck in the future, and thanks again for the tunes,

~Benjamin & Cindy

Hi. I was in Vancouver recently and a friend of mine picked up couple of copies of your CD (which is great). They came with a cd labeled "4 Song Demo." Can you tell me what the track names are? Thanks.

Love the music.

Good luck.


Hi, My name is Mayumi. I’m a big fan of Rider Jones.
( I got autographs from you and Philip, and took a picture with you guys
in front of HMV a few months ago.)
’m really looking forward to seeing you guys again on March 2nd. It will
be the last chance for me to listen to your songs live, at the same time
it’ll be the best day for me during my stay in Canada. I hope your work
goes well and you achieve great success this year! I believe that you’ll
be a successful musician! Keep on working hard for the people who like your
Thank you for reading.

Take care

Much love ☆ Mayumi☆

I just wanted to let you know how much my husband
and I have enjoyed your Colors (?) CD. The one with
Oak tree and 5th Floor on it. We happened to be on
vacation in Vancouver and walked by you doing your thing on
Robson Street back in late August. So we bought the
CD and fought over it when we got back home to Texas,
and my husband won, taking your CD back to Afghanistan
with him. And I'm sure you would be pleased to know, that
every single person that comes in to his office while he's playing
your CD has stopped to ask "Who is that?" He literally has
to kick people out of his office because they want
to sit down and listen to the whole CD. Your a hit
and I just can't figure out why you're not all over the radio.
Just a matter of time I'm sure!

So, I was visiting your "my space" site and saw you have another
CD which I just ordered. I can't wait to get it, and this one I'm
keeping here at home! Thanks for the great music!

~Sherri in Texas

I saw you guys playing on robsons st and wowie you guys were good!! :)

~Moriah Freeman

Thanks for agreeing to play!
You came highly recommended to me, so I am happy you are joining us.
Give me a shout anytime,

~Kev Mitchell, CEO & Promotions Manager, Garage Entertainment

You guys are by far the best act I have seen in Canada, and one of the best I have seen anywhere. 2008 is the year of the Rider, I just know it.

~James Webber

I was having a hard time with things, then one of your songs came on while my ipod was on shuffle and brought a smile to my face.
Thank you.


Thanks for finding me, guys! You're music is stellar. Sweet guitar, and superior vocals! Not surprised you have a publishing deal with Universal. Keep it up. Let me know if/when you're heading to Toronto. Maybe we can share a bill. Excellent stuff! Peace.

~Peter Bloom

It's been over a year since I last saw you on Robson Street. I'm that skinny blonde kid that stalked you for like a week? Yea haha,

Anyway, I still listen to your EP's and they are as beautiful as ever. I love your work, so please continue making incredible music.

I'll be heading down to vancouver in the next few months... Hopefully I get to see you guys again!

~David James

I saw you playing a few months back on Robson and grabbed your CD running late to work. I listened, I felt, l fell in love... your music touches the soul!

Ke - Rider Jones


2006 - The Yellow Ep. (Sold 300 Copies)
2006 - The Red Ep. (Sold 300 Copies)
2006 - The Blue Ep. (Sold 500 Copies)
2006 - The Green Ep. (Sold 100 Copies)

2007 - The Rider Jones Collection (Sold 2000+ Copies)
2007 - Strange Days (Sold 4000+ Copies)

2008 - The Grasshopper and the Ant (Coming Soon!)



Rider Jones is currently working on a new album titled "The Grasshopper and the Ant" set to be released in late April. "We've spent a lot of time being the grasshopper but today we're definitely the ant".
In 2007 the group signed a co-publishing deal with Universal Music which has opened many doors, making it an exciting time for this newly formed band.
Consistent airplay on both CBC's Radio3, Vancouver's 99.3 The fox and CJSF have helped to bolster a devoted base of Rider Jones fans. The guys are excited about getting out on the road at the end of may for a cross Canada tour in support of their upcoming album.

How It All Began...

On a cold Valentines day in 2006 Philip Rider and Bodhi Jones took to the streets in hopes of raising enough money to pay the rent and to get a bite to eat. The street was good to the two life long friends and before long they were out there 5 days a week selling basement recordings by the box. A few months later on a typical day of busking a well known producer by the name of Don Gilmore happened to be passing by and liked what he heard. Don became a fan of the music and wanted to help, he took the guys into the studio and whipped up a demo which he then gave to an old friend of his. The friend was David Massey, President of Mercury Records. Massey also liked what he heard and signed the boys to a co-publishing deal! Soon after that, the band was formed by bringing in another life long friend Freddie Mojollal on electric guitar and backing vocals, Kevin Atwood on bass, and Andrew Seminari on drums. Plots were cooked, shows were booked, and crowds were hooked.

Stay tuned for the ongoing story of Rider Jones...