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"The Rikshaw is one of the best kept secrets in Rap. (His) music embodies the true spirit of Rap ...and celebrates life... THANK YOU for being such a positive influence on not only Rap Music but also to the Rap Audience..." Lisa Cupeli TV/Radio Host WOW 104.3 The Connect Zone TV


The Rikshaw is an up and coming Hip-Hop artist whose unique style and influential lyrics are sure to wow any audience. The music is well produced and The Rikshaw’s clean lyrics are sure to be a hit in any age group. The music focuses on important issues as well as having some more fun-loving songs you can dance to. It is this diversity that is sure to set him apart from the rest and place him among the ranks of the best!

His 2005 release as an independent artist of his album "Poetry Of The Street" launched his career. He has since signed to new indie label Ant Bytes Records. His performance for over 3,700 people at Dunnellon's "Boomtown Blast" proved to be a huge success. He performed songs for his next album which will be released this year.

Tony Lipari, AKA The Rikshaw, was born in New York and raised Florida. Music has helped to guide him through the times when he needed it most. He feels that making music is more important than anything because of this. Having studied the martial arts since his early teens, he has an excellent sense of discipline and integrity. Studying the martial arts and Japanese culture was, in fact, how he chose his name, "The Rikshaw".

The Philosophy...

The name 'Rikshaw' comes from the Japanese hand cart called a rickshaw or jinrikisha. It symbolizes the struggle of man to have the weight of the world on his back. This is, of course, not to say that the artist himself carries the weight of the world, but that mankind in general must endure it. Truly living life is about endurance and strength. In the pursuit of life, as a whole, The Rikshaw continues to strive to find his place in the world of music entertainment...

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you...The Rikshaw.


Shots Fired

Written By: T. Lipari

This one goes out to all those that have lost…

Shots fired on a little town
Sounds of the underground ragin on a small crowd, take ‘em down
Mothers lyin’ cryin’ desirin’ the sounds of sirens seem to siphon the life out of
A young kid victim of a dream
Shots fired think I’m goin’ down
All that I’ve worked for is runnin’ out of me in this Red Sea
Not like this I think as it’s getting hard to see
It’s so cold but the heater joint is pointin’ annointin me

You never heard them horsemen hit the back doors
Kickin ‘em down listenin’ now you been missin out now you gone and made it yours
Mayhem as they went as they started from the ground floors
Takin lives a hundred at a time and the next is yours
Sad to think, life has taken a dark course
Never did you think your last breath would be this short
No way out. You’re left with only one resort
The last spot opens as your body contorts
Volume of the pops, don’t stop, the cops, watch bodies drop
Then mop the bloody spots, while on top, firing shots
Will it ever end? Can we pretend that life is safe again?
It’s gonna take Amens to make amends
We were know it alls that never knew at all life is sacred
-Couldn’t see, blinded with our own hatred
Human Nature’s Danger in the schoolyard finally hits the wall
Never even got to fly comes to your mind as you fall.


No one at home, no one gettin all those letters you wrote
They address the wrong issues or misuse what they know, leave it alone
As they hem and haw see ‘em on the see-saw
Before they clear vision, they handin out prescriptions
Of prozac and Ritalin but those that lackin vision
Couldn’t picture that you can’t just put a bandaid on this one
Zombies in this time of the season
As we spend the morning mourning try to look for the reason
And then we gettin’ those on tv shows so called pros as they quote
And they gloat pointin’ fingers at the media scapegoats
Like “blame this and trust us” but do we get justice
If we goin’ rounding up some of the usual suspects?
The fault is know it alls that never knew at all life is sacred
-Couldn’t see, blinded with they own hatred
Human Nature’s Danger in the schoolyard finally hits the wall
Never even got to fly comes to the mind as they fall.


You never listened the inner monologue you didn’t see why
Didn’t realize you were writing your own epilogue
The heated handshake seemed to cauterize the wounds
It just covered ‘em up in that self-inflicted tomb
Furthermore you made the choice to seal yourself inside that little room
Now your arrangement’s null and void here they come for you
You try to plead they see how quickly you forget
“They always look at all they get but then forget that bit about the debt”
Elongated features they not hearing anything you say
The bargain’s made and you’re screamin as you’re dragged away
You’re nothing more than a counterfeit
You think you’re right? Why’d you choke up on a hollow tip?
Just a know-it-all that never knew at all life is sacred
Couldn’t see, you were blinded with your own hatred
Human nature’s danger in the schoolyard finally hits the wall
Never even got to fly comes to your mind as you fall


Breathe Deep

Written By: T. Lipari

(Writer's note: The "Piece" represents his microphone)

He said breathe deep, as he handed me the piece
He let a couple words o’ wisdom through his teeth – they slide across
I bowed my head and made the Sign of the Cross
Just remember to breathe kid, and show ‘em you the boss
Go in there an Aztec ‘em just reduce ‘em to ruins
We ain’t ask you to speak Greek this a language you fluent
I looked down at the piece think of lives it influenced and changed
And what it meant nothing gonna be the same
Now there’s no turning back the change is bout to hap
Wait for the sound of that clap, choose your words and look for traps
-I know ya nerves are swervin’ keep it under ya cap
You pull this off and this the job that’s gonna put you on the map
This the chance that I been wantin so long
It’s now or never how more clever how much better can you tell me how strong
You gonna need ta be gon’ be seein things you never seen before
-I inhale and then I walk through the door I said

Breathe deep, promise keep it’s all about the follow through-
-With the help of my piece I’m speakin’ volumes
Breathe deep, do I got to repeat vows (ok) I vow to speak now AND forever hold my piece now-
Breathe deep, promise keep it’s all about the follow through-
-With the help of my piece I’m speakin’ volumes
Breathe deep, do I got to repeat vows (ok) I vow to speak now AND forever hold my piece now-

A few months back see, my only papers was a rap sheet
Not to be outdone I was out running a track meet
Try to make ends meet with the promises friends keep
Flew out west to get full but only comin’ back empty
They called it was the moment of truth this closed booth
And the phone was tapped I heard they words unwrap
I’m on a flight tonight agreed to meet ‘em I got back
Hit the east coast signed contracts and got facts
From flash back to brass tacks I inhale the dreamers
Now it’s time to spray the meanest just a thin veil between us
I can hear ‘em but well aware of the tricks mind play
Something urging me on I could swear they chant my name
But that’s crazy talk they say we walk the path of our own
I refuse to lay in chalk and play it off like it’s home
Now we right where we left off best part of this visit
The piece is loaded they don’t even know what’s about to hit ‘em


I come out blastin, they never see me comin ya know why
As soon as I’m empty I reload til my throat’s dry
They can only stand and stare I know my mind’s in some zone cause
I’m off in somewhere else but I can swear they applause
And something so loud somewhere far out in the background
Rises up shove it down got no time for that now
I can’t afford to stop it’s either kill or be killed
My lungs about to pop somehow I will them to refill
-The splatters spray back from my machine gun chatter
The air shatters they don’t scatter from the snap of my patter
Mind over matter there’s so many just keep knockin’ ‘em and
I take they breath placin’ coins in the eyes of the dead
They’re the pennies for my thoughts this most verbal of onslaughts
See the casualties I leave are just figures of my speech
This microphone’s the only piece that’s ever gonna give me peace
My respirator less or greater makin’ sure that I breathe



Written By: T. Lipari

I laid down cause I’m tired of the heat
Face down with the street as people watched, turned, lookin at me
Some was thinkin’ I was crazy as I laid there stayed there
Didn’t care let ‘em stare for as long as they may stare
Well aware, I’m givin’ ‘em somethin’ ta say
-Topic for discussion later on over dinner plates
That’s when I heard I was strainin’ for the sound o’ blood pumpin away
It’s just thumpin away
Above the city war, jackhammers and car horns
Vibrations, rumblin’ on the street and far more
Mere feet from where my face on the cool concrete
I closed my eyes no surprise it was there all the time
Beneath the sounds not easy to find busy poundin’ feet
The zen I reached I could feel the city breathe
Inhale, exhale, next plan as the city expands
It resonates and the pen’s in my hand

Speakin’ the words that’s down to -resonate
Scratch past surface when I set- the rec- ord straight
Turn them Hip Hop heads
Get ‘em bouncin’ off the walls when I -resonate
Resonate, Resonate, Resonate
Get ‘em bouncin’ off the walls when I -resonate

I laid down cause I’m tired of the heat
Eyes closed spirit calm strapped in to the time machine
Take me back to where this began
That’s the plan, just to see what it was when the scene was unplanned
Before the marketing, when it wasn’t the same song
I wanna know where it came from, play along
Back before the guns was what you heard when you heard this
When tools weren’t used as cornerstone for the wordsmiths
Lyrics was poetry and not just stunts for shorties
There was talk of deeper issues than just blunts and forties
I’ve heard there is a movement for the art’s survival
Back in time an old school revival, many trials
Like the ones from past decades fightin for civil rights
And people used the word to dispel the plights
It could be beaten cause the monster now had a face
Through time I hear the words as they -resonate


I got up cause I’m tired of the heat
Dusted off to shake the weight of the sleep, and breathed deep
Somewhere I had a promise to keep
Work to do and couldn’t wait for someone else to complete
I wanna reach but still I wonder can I reach the street
Will they forcibly resist at translating my speech
That may be, either way, letting nothing stop me
Til I sleep I’ll be dropping the speak



The Rikshaw (Self Titled) March 7th 2008
Ant Bytes Records
1) Intro
2) Breathe Deep
3) Training
4) Bounce
5) Hear My Words (Feat. Ramisu)
6) Cold
7) Resonate
8) Make The Noise
9) Back In The Day
10) And That's Why
11) Deep Cover
12) Shots Fired
13) So Close (Feat. Olivia Ortiz)
14) Notepad
15) RattleShake

Training Day (EP 2006)
Ant Bytes Records
1) Heatin' It Up
2) Training (Single)
3) RattleShake (Single)

Poetry Of The Street (LP 2005)
1) Poetry of the Street
2) Enter The Rikshaw
3) News@11
4) Keep 'em Comin'
5) The Main Event
6) Don't Look Down
7) Bronx's Finest
8) Hear My Words
9) Keep 'em Comin' Rusted Remix
10) Drum Corps Outro

Set List

Any and all songs from our albums.
10-20 songs
A set can be 45-55 minutes.

As we are always writing and coming up with new songs, the set list is subject to expansion and change. All material in this show IS CLEAN and appropriate for all ages!!!