Therina Bella

Therina Bella


Therina Bella's music is a testament to the wringing emotion that death can bring and is down with a firm grasp on sadcore and indie folk.


Therina Bella believes in friendly ghosts and guardian angels. Every time the young New Yorker is in a sticky situation, (like abrupt unemployment) she always seems to come out of it virtually unscathed, (like a better job opportunity days later.) She credits her good luck to divine intervention and old world superstition. “I happen to know someone with a lot of pull in the spirit world these days.” She says.

Therina Bella was born, Catherina-Ann Borges, a little over two decades ago to a Portuguese American Carpenter and an Italian American Waitress. She was the youngest among 3 much older siblings who had her listening to Led Zeppelin and David Bowie before she could speak. Growing up she loved to sing and play the piano. She wrote songs and poetry and at 16 took up guitar. In college she studied classical voice and earned a B.F.A in Music from Harlem’s City College. . Her songs were featured on MTV’s, “The Real World” and on XBOX video game soundtracks. She fronted several bands and played solo-acoustic shows all over NY.

Throughout her musical pursuits, her most supportive fan was by far her father. “He drove me to every show, helped me carry equipment, cheered me on from the crowd. He was an amazing dad. Not too many people are blessed with a father like that.”

Therina Bella’s father died unexpectedly in May of 2004, just days before her college graduation. She was devastated. “When he died, in order to keep my sanity, I went to work right away and tried not to think about it too much. My coping mechanism was to work a mindless desk job and pretend nothing was wrong. I stopped playing music because it reminded me of him. I stopped sleeping because when I closed my eyes, my mind would race with thoughts about the night he died.”
It was during one of these early insomniac mornings, at 3:30am that she finally dusted off her guitar and began to strum. A few hours later several songs that were to become her latest effort, “Waiting For A Ghost”, were composed. “I buried my grief deep inside me so I was able to put up a strong front around my family and friends. When the songs began to unfold, that grief gathered strength and had a voice I was forced to listen to.”

A few minutes into listening to Therina Bella's "Waitinf For A Ghost", and you’ll realize you aren’t listening to an acoustic artist. Therina Bella puts the guitars up front on this collection of emotional and heartfelt songwriting, but there are plenty of quirky electronica flourishes and synth textures to keep things very interesting.

"Waiting For A Ghost" will be released late this fall on Eyelash Wish Records.



Written By: Cathy-Ann Borges

Words and Music by,
Cathy-Ann Borges

I’ve done everything minus consequence
I fell asleep with my clothes while beneath your lips
I tried to think of clever ways to get you to stay
In language and poetry and beautiful words I could say
Oh come out with your hands up
Surrender. Just surrender.
Learn the hard way there is no forever
Using my skin as a blowtorch to warm you
Using my sad eyes as a message to warn you
I use the dried rose bouquet hanging upside down
To remind you of what will happen should you decide to stick around.
I’m still afraid that you’ll never really love me
You’ll never know how much I care

Deep Breath

Written By: Cathy-Ann Borges

I can feel you changing
Smoke another cigarette and take a deep breath for me.
I can feel us fading
Into something dark, oblivion its true this time for me

I know there’s trouble in my eyes
I know there’s distance in your lies

I’m losing you now. To something I can’t define or save you ever from
I feel so helpless. Like watching daddy drown from deep inside his lungs.

I know I can’t do anything at all
Just lay here and watch you fall

I can feel you changing
Smoke another cigarette and take a deep breath for me.


Written By: Cathy-Ann Borges

Words and music by,
Cathy-Ann Borges

“Go to sleep baby I’m sad to see you blue
Close your eyes for a dream I’m watching over you
Don’t be scared when you wake up I’ll be gone
But inside you smile I can live on

“Don’t be afraid of tomorrow’s mistakes
I’ll take care of you from far far away
Don’ be afraid to face another day
Even though I’m gone, everything will be ok

“Go to sleep baby make me happy for you
Don’t delay any dreams you wanted to come true
Don’t be scared when you wake up all alone
You’re stronger than you realize, you’re stronger than you know

“I love you, my little girl, goodnight.”
I love you
Goodnight daddy.


Therina Bella- Waiting For A Ghost CD
Street Date- June 6, 2005

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Released- March 28, 2003

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Cathy-Ann- "Hollywood" CD Single
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Set List

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Rock N Roll Suicide (David Bowie Cover)