The Riot

The Riot


Beautiful and powerful, by turns frightening, epic, and restrained, and infused with unforgettable electronic energy, The Riot brings rock to its knees.


"This is the coffee table counter culture!", yells Laila O'Sullivan. Kids pack into the small Anchorage Alaska venue, sweating, hearts beating and screaming every word with her. Even though this band may be thousands of miles away from any big city scene, they give it their all, every single show.

The Riot is a confluence of sound, neatly packaged into four individuals each as unique as The Riot itself. A classically trained piano player who has a soft spot for electronica is the blood and guts of the riot, providing melody and soundscapes with his right hand, and serving as the bass player with his left hand, generating a full and rich sound that this four-piece is known for. A guitarist who's time is split between the riot, the university jazz band, and a post-hardcore outfit accompanies John well. Serving primarily as the rhythm player, he adds flare with improvised guitar solos and an array of effects. Behind the set is the brawn of the band. The drummer comes from an adolescence worshiping Travis Barker and spending countless hours a day perfecting his art. Finally, The singer is placed on top of this ordered chaos to deliver full bodied vocals that give The Riot its character and voice.

Coupled with impressive and unique songwriting, the riot puts on one of the most energetic and entertaining live shows in the Anchorage scene. Opening for such acts as Shiny Toy Guns, 36 Crazyfists, and Portugal. The Man has given this outfit the opportunity to perform with, and keep up with, some of the best names to grace Alaska. They take the stage this year as the main headlining band at the Alaska State Fair local show. No show is the same for this band. Riot fans have seen performances with such antics as glow sticks, light shows, and on occasion, a lack of clothing (most clothing). The Riot's music has captivated Alaska, and is ready to test their musical prowess on new territory.


In A Place Where Something Begins

Written By: Laila O'Sullivan

I was running out, dashing by. swerving past monuments and tides.
Making a getaway to a place unknown to me.

I was looking for the summer or maybe the spring. the cars were buzzing as they made their way.
A million responses from the rain drops displayed.

Splatters on sidewalks that melt merging with plantlife growing.
We learned our lessons early and now all we have is a soft yearning in the pits of our stomachs, but i feel like i am grasping at the parallactic table.

Sometimes things grow within the furthest reaches of ourselves.
If we tend to them and cultivate, we can work things out. in the back room hiding on the shelf. we read the signals and understand the self.

We wear our masks, but i thought that i knew you so well.

Facsimile Trajectory

Written By: Laila O'Sullivan

We leave this table open for words and fragments for feelings and sharp points. pencil and penknife inscriptions, barehanded and anointed in day spa oil.

Fishermen love songs.

This is the coffeetable counterculture. We say what you think. But we think something else. entirely.

This is the infinity of ocean side probabilities, reeling in the rims
and spokes. spoken dilapidatd rhinestone lullabies, broken mousetraps and nursery school rhymes.

I know youve never had it so good. surround sound paradisio.


Written By: Laila O'Sullivan

Influenza bicycle races
Paradigms and charades
Decaffienated heartfelt sentences
Drip from your tongue and
Down your chin.

Pass the toast.

Gravity is weighing me down
From the waist down.

Multifaceted linguistic atrocities have taken over me.
Multifaced bombasities are triggering my abilities.

Ideas are like fresh fruit falling from apple trees.

This Ship

Written By: Laila O'Sullivan

Turn this ship around.
Turn this ship around!
Turn this ship around!!!

Maelstrom identified by the crashing waves,
Blindness caused and impossible to navigate.

Seafoam rising up the deck.
Seafoam rising up the deck!
Seafoam rising up the deck!!!

Soon we'll find out what we're here for.

Time Travel

Written By: Laila O'Sullivan

The jaw dropped and melted into the platform.
Inumerable sentences clipped from the circuit shortages.
Popping and perspiring,
Molding the memories into a swarm of chords.

A Seed was planted,
Held firmly in place.
Taking root within the pit of me.
The Earth was my body,
The Trees were my limbs.
I could feel my self sink into the ground again.

Let's open ourselves up and see what we can.
We are such mysteries.

Fragmentated and ballooning into something
nearly linear
While our feet made tracks
pushing us ahead.
Pushing us to the beginning or the end.

A pulsing rhythm.
The sound of our blood.
Pumping and passing through
the system.

Under the skin we visited the future through a capsule condensed.


Full Length LP: Carry Us to the Sea

Singles in rotation:

1. In a Place Where Something Begins (KWHL 106.5 on Local Show "The Pipeline") Anchorage, AK

2. Toast (College Radio KRUA 88.1) Anchorage, AK

Set List

1. Facsimile Trajectory 3:05
2. Toast 3:00
3. Time Travel 3:02
4. Little Hands Grasping 3:11
5. Seascape 5:15
6. This Ship 3:21
7. Peddle Us Off, One by One 2:56
8. (Underground) 5:37
9. In a Place Where Something Begins 3:51