The Riot Scene

The Riot Scene


Going back to what real rock and roll and punk rock was about, real instruments with real feeling


The Riot Scene-Intro

Austin TX April 5th 2008 2:13 am

In the back alley of a bar on the corner of 7th and Red River a man
stands alone. Slightly inebriated and extremely enthralled he
violently lights his cigarette.
“It’s gotta change”, he mutters to himself. “The emotion has left this city…”
With his back against the wall he hears a static in the distance. The
static slowly crescendos into a high pitch robotic whine then
disappears. A dead silence fills the humid Texas night. In the dim
light from a nearby street post something steps out. Armed with a
heavy vocoder and a furious key-tar the shadowy figure lunges forward
and strikes! It shouts-
“It was only a matter of time, you knew it would end like this”, says
the shadowy figure as he floors the man to the gravely bottom of the
alley. “Now leave! This is no longer your city.”
The man obviously trying to hold back his anger replies-
“The people of this city won’t stand for your empty lies of hope or
your impassive hi-fi tricks. This will grow into a RIOT! They will
want more, something to fill the passionless void that you have left.”
Just then the man looks behind him and sees a few people gathering
around the entrance of the alley listening and taking notice of the
mans fuming emotion. He gathers his composure and stands up strongly
as the shadow whispers-
“Everybody loves being miserable and so do I. This city doesn’t seem
to know the difference…”
A young man steps forward out of the crowd gathering in the alley with
two more witnesses.
“I do,” he shouts, “I know the difference, and you can‘t expect the
people to swallow this facade any longer! This scene deserves a
fighting chance and we are the RIOT that will define the new era!”
Our hero looks fierce as he clenches his fists together. He signals
for the crowd of witnesses to inch closer and stand with him against
the shadow. He shouts-
“The Riot Scene is watching! We may only be a small group of
individuals now, but we will grow in time. We will not stand down and
take what we can get, we want it all! We will prevail.
The shadowy figure falls back slowly laughing under his breath,
“We shall see…”
That night The Riot Scene was born.

Since that fateful night THE RIOT SCENE has been spreading the word
with their instruments of persuasion. Playing in front of new and old
fans monthly THE RIOT SCENE plans to stick to their guns, stick it to
the enemy and march forward into new territory. Appealing to the
misery of the tragically hip TRS proceeds to change the minds of their
audience. They aim to prove that with raw emotion, real instruments
with real chords and no bull will prevail in the dry bleak age of
technology. “Forget What You Know” is the first proclamation from the
group of the resistance. Setting it in stone and passing out free
copies to whomever will listen TRS demands to be heard. As more
followers start to take notice and come out to support it is clear
that the resistance has started and the RIOT is coming. Though
members of the group come from different demographics and different
cities ranging from all over Texas they are all on the same page when
it comes to the music. Please spread the word and tell your friends
and family that they no longer need to just smile and bop their head.
Change is in the wind and a message has been issued for all who stand
in their way…Sink or Swim.

Verse:2-National Awareness
Armed with a strong moral compass TRS takes their story national.
Playing underground clubs and events they spread their message like
an antidote to a virus. With God speed progress is being made.
Witnesses, protesters and listeners alike feel compelled to help
spread TRS’s message of passion. Joined together in cities across
America they call themselves The Riot Army. The Riot Army is the
continuous work of TRS when they leave your city. Members of the
army are responsible for organizing friends for protests and passing
out flyers for meetings and events.

To Be Continued?... Join the riot army & support THE RIOT SCENE.
Coming to a city near you.


Pridelikelions E.P.

Set List

Can We Carry On
The Story Of...
Pages of Our Past
Sink or Swim
The Ocean
World Keeps Spinning
Forget What You Know

We also do an Acoustic set coming in at roughly 40 minutes.