The Rising

The Rising


The Rising is a merging of progressive rock with the classical orchestra, bringing together the power and ferocity of contemporary rock with the harmonious richness of classical instruments.


The Rising was born in the Autumn of 2007 after three months of travel in Ireland, the Balkans, and Eastern Europe. Motivated by the power of people to resist oppression even in the most horrific of circumstances, in the face of the most terrible of consequences, Josh Hershfield, composer and front man of The Rising, wrote a series of songs about war, oppression, and resistance. A string section accompaniment was written to one of the songs. From there it expanded into a fully orchestrated piece, and classical instruments became an integral part of The Rising.
The first performance was the evening of November 27th, 2007 at Antioch College. From the opening of the orchestral introduction to the explosive ending of the final song, the audience was enraptured by the power of The Rising. The beauty of a full string section in harmony, the richness of French horns and woodwinds, with the ferocity of electric guitar, drums, and rock vocals, was a powerful experience for all present.
The Rising has since grown into a full-time musical project currently with 21 songs in their repertoire. Because of their new and original sound, their fan base includes people from many different musical scenes. Performances can range from acoustic shows, to a full band with synthesized orchestra, to full band with full orchestra.
Influences of The Rising include AFI, Boy Sets Fire, Counting Crows, Damien Rice, Dredg, Metallica, Pink Floyd, U2, Coldplay classical and contemporary composers such as Beethoven, Tchaikovsy, Eric Whitacre, and authors and poets including Primo Levi, Derrick Jensen, Rainer Maria Rilke, Pablo Neruda, Robinson Jeffers, Karen Warren, Daniel Quinn, and the White Rose.

"The harmonization of beauty and rage."


Fire Ecology

Written By: Joshua Daniel Hershfield

Empty me of broken wings. Cut the dead and hanging strings. Burn the dead and dying stems, the rotten blooms, their foul stench. Empty me of broken vines. Empty me of damp, dead weeds. Take it for your own, Fire. Leave me scorched but for a seed.

And fill me, all the channels of my life. Veins and arteries aglow. These are yours, these meridians within which life flows. Take them for your own.

Empty me of broken halos, all the baggage that I'm unable to let go, Fire, take it for your own.

My body is yours tonight.


The Rising has one live recording which can be heard at

Set List

The Rising set lists are generally five to six songs long, consisting of 25-45 minutes of music. We have 21 songs in our repertoire.