The Rising Sons

The Rising Sons


Adventures in Teenage Rock and Roll


Established in Boston during the early days of adolescence in 2000 the boys began their endeavors under the name “Once-ler.” After establishing themselves on the local scene at venues such as the Middle East Downstairs, Arlene Grocery (NYC), Harpers Ferry, Bills Bar, PA's Lounge, and local favorite Great Scott, the band stepped into the studio with former Neighborhoods great Sir David Minehan who dubbed the boys “The Rising Sons of Rock and Roll.” With their new mandate the group began to reflect upon their precious youth through new songs which resemble a hybrid of the Brittish Invasion of the 60's and the American post-punk of the 80's. The result is a fairly new type of Rock and Roll buried in Boston soul. Overcoming the fear of what lies next, they revel in their own make-believe world they've created around them. In this world their only responsibility is to indulge in the vices of youthful innocence and to capture through music their adventures in their teenage dream world. All this is documented in the upcoming EP, "Adventures in Teenage Rock and Roll.” (new)


The Onceler Redemption LP (2000)

Once-ler EP (2002)

Woolly Mammoth Studio Demo (2004 - receives airplay on WBCN, WFNX - Alter ego with Paul Driscoll and New England Product, WERS, WBRU)

The Rising Sons - Adventures in Teenage Rock and Roll (EP)

Set List

Shake On
In The Heat
The Existential Baby Blues
Adrenaline Mother
Holy Unclean
Be On My Bonnet
Every Picture
Baby I'm an Anarchist
The Second Coming
Red Rising Sun
Sideways Kid
Suicide in the Sun
Devil in the Churchlight
Never Trust in Love
My Day
Guerilla Fire
Hardest heart
Boston Skyline
One More Scary Sound
My Surfboard
The Motorcycle Song
Red Lights A'Flashin

Welfare Mothers - Neil Young
Bastards of Young - The Replacements
Flux=Rad - Pavement
Baby Let me Follow You Down - Bob Dylan

Sets are usually between 45 minutes to an hour