The Rising Sound

The Rising Sound

 Los Angeles, California, USA

The Rising Sound is a cleverly designed dynamic journey with a melodic richness that is undeniably sought after. They are emotional, they are electric, they are enlightening, and best said, epic. So go ahead... find your Rising Sound.


Imagine if all your favorite bands, spanning genres from 90s rock to new wave to electronica, came together to create music. Thanks to California’s hottest emerging band, The Rising Sound, you can stop wondering and start listening. Few bands can reminisce about the great acts of the past without getting caught in their sound, but The Rising Sound recreates their roots in the truest sense of the word. Styling sounds from The Chemical Brothers and Duran Duran alike and adding Jet-like edge with a twinge of Bowie, the band has embarked on an ambitious journey into new sonic territory.
Their self-released debut EP entitled "Lights Out // In Space," seamlessly combines edgy rock riffs, futuristic electronic elements and soaring melodies to create a signature sound that is uniquely their own. The fluid yet poignant lyrics tie together the energetic guitars, bass, and drums with a resounding catchiness. Every song feels like an old friend, with a familiar sound yet an entirely new twist that makes a first-time listener stop with fresh curiosity and vague recognition to ask, “Who is this?”

A few years ago the answer would have been, “IOS,” the well-known three-piece electronica/dance band who played in front of over 100,000 people at the San Francisco Love Parade. IOS was composed of frontman Taylor Martyr, guitarist Kevin Holt, and bassist Tom Benzian, who grew up together in San Francisco. After absorbing the city’s vibrant nightlife culture and playing to the masses, the trio moved south to Los Angeles in 2006, where they added drummer Reade Pryor to the mix and their sound took on a rock and roll edge. They changed their name to reflect their zealous musical growth, and The Rising Sound was born.

With their EP newly released, The Rising Sound is finishing up the year with a Fall/Winter tour, with official dates along the West Coast to be announced. Their live performance is loaded with contagious energy, passionate playing and is always a party! In the meantime, you can get "Lights Out // In Space" on iTunes and all major download sites.


"Get in the Game" - Single (FOX theme song for MLS)
Freak Kingdom - Single (pre-album release)
Lights Out In Space EP - Available on iTunes now!!

Set List

Lights Out
Say Goodbye
Freak Kingdom
Special FX
Life is Life

The typical set time is between 35-90 minutes
Set time and order can be lengthened or shortened depending on venue or show type.