The Risin' Sun

The Risin' Sun

 Huixquilucan, México, MEX

The Risin’ Sun is the new young psych-rock power trio, their biggest influence is the universality of all music, but most of all, the blues, soul and R&B scene, as well as the musical and cultural movements of the Psychedelic wave and Rock n Roll; music still fresh in the young minds and manifest in the new
Psych-Rock scene.
In their few years of life, The Risin' Sun has played over 300 live shows in more than 30 cities, on 11 states of the United States, and 6 States of Mexico.


Years ago, around 2006, a great sympathy began to grow between three young amigos that met through music itself. Desentis, Jerry Capone and Alexx Weber shared a fancy for being onstage and have fun to the sound of music since they were 15 years old or younger. After various projects and a whole lotto fun, their friendship transformed into a union based upon musical preferences and same thoughts on life, that soon would evolve into something that they never imagined.

In a Mexico aroused by insecurity and war by 2009, Jerry, Desentis and Weber used to see each other as often as possible to travel around the city on a small car, listening to the music that would take them farther away: Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, MC5, The Who, Janis Joplin; that was the beginning, and made the strongest part of their union.

Jerry and Desentis had more experience with bands and stages but looked for something new, something different, something that would sound like the music that now invaded their minds, so they decided to audition Weber, who seemed to have the same interests, but didn't had yet the ability to play the drums. They decided to accept him, and met a couple of days a week on a good friend's house to talk about themselves and their place in the universe, drink wine, smoke cigarettes and play to whatever came to their minds; conquered by the old 60's psychedelia.

After several months of musical and mental experimentation, what seemed to be only jam sessions and mind hazing condensed into real music, that indeed, fed their creators. And after realizing what they could do with their instruments and minds, they decided to give it a name: The Risin' Sun was born.

They started recording demos and playing every kind of bar and party in Mexico City. The audience response, electrified by their music, gave them feedback for a new desire that came upon their minds; being known as psychedelic rock's legacy. But the road is long and they knew it.In the next years they worked hard to broaden their exposure towards the public, to share their music all around Mexico and reach the media. Little by little, the desire to reach all the world with the art and the energy that they had in their hands stopped being a dream and came to them as a possible reality, still far away, but reachable.

On 2012, their constant work and effort took them to an unimaginable experience on Los Angeles, California; to record with one of their greatest idols, member of one of their favorite bands: Wayne Kramer, Co-founder of The MC5, (...) who added Peter Malick to the project (...) to record The Risin' Sun's first single, "Queen Of The Ball", along with two other tracks.

After this fantastic experience, the band started their first U.S. tour going through more than 5 states on an incredible adventure where they met bands and friends that turned into family, and played more than 50 live shows on different bars, parties, venues, and even TV shows. This was a mind blowing experience for The Risin' Sun, who now could see clearly the long road that they had to walk still to reach their goal, plus broadening their musical and artistic vision.

On the next years the band was dedicated to promote their protect and dream, they went out on another U.S. tour on March 2013, then again in August; their talent and effort took them to record their fist official LP on November with famous producer Gordon Raphael, who has worked with known bands of the global music scene.

Nowadays the band prepares to break into the market of commercial industry to take their music and energy to the last consequence. New tours, new songs, new friends, new brothers; a chronic search to reach the farthest point and overcome themselves. They know that their only obstacle are themselves.


The Risin' Sun - (2013) - EP Single Produced by Wayne Kramer and Engineered by Peter Malick.

Think For Yourself - (2014) - LP Produced by Gordon Raphael.

Set List

Every show has its own unique set list designed especially for that place and time.

We can play from 30 minutes up to 1:30 hours.