The Risk

The Risk

 London, England, GBR

Avant-Gardist Synth Rock


The Risk is a 6 piece "Indie" Pop-rock band formed in Liverpool, UK, in the beginnings of 2010 (March). After studying one year at LIPA, they decided to move to London in September (2010) in order to pursue a music career in the local music scene. The members are Pepe (vocals), Juan (Guitar), and Giancarlo (synth/piano) from Mexico, Felipe (Guitar) from Colombia, Jason (bass) from Sweden and Edu (drums) from Spain. The music can be best described as an enticing pop rock sound combining modern electric guitars, synths, pianos and melodic voice lines. In addition, The Risk attempts to combine different sounds intended to take the audience through a pleasant sonic journey.

We are a team where each of the members is an essential part to the creative input, always striving to do what we love most. We are music creators and we live for it, we do it with passion and dedication. Though we are fully aware of the difficulties of the industry and the path we've chosen, we put the best of our abilities to the task in order to create quality and we want people to notice this. In each of our proposals we seek to find the simplest way of delivering our message which is: "we decide to take the risk without fear or limitations and that we are always pushing forward no matter the hazards and difficulties we may come upon, whilst seeking to achieve perfection in each of our creations”.