The Risque

The Risque

 Eindhoven, North Brabant, NLD

Recalling the glory of '90s alternative rock, The Risque is channeling the post-hardcore / post-punk ethos into dynamic and subtle forms of tension and release.


United by a healthy, broad interest in music and a mutual love for bands such as the Wipers and Hot Snakes, three musicians decide to find out what a collaboration could lead to. It's halfway '07. There’s definitely no lack of inspiration and less than a year later, The Risque heads out to a studio to record the best songs they’ve written up until then. This effort resulted in their critically acclaimed selftitled EP.

Take this review in OOR-magazine for example:

“The Risque decides to head for the recordingroom and in the blink of an eye creates one of the finest no-nonsense garagepunk albums of the last couple of years in the Netherlands.
Nine exciting songs with an average of less than three minutes a piece, and they’re all good…Excellent album!”

A slew of shows follows and with that, the three-piece also improves live on stage. In this period, they toured nationally and performed at Incubate festival in Tilburg.

Meanwhile the band continues to write new material and they become more mature musically, without losing the edge they’re known for.

In the spring of 2010, eleven new songs are selected by the band for their first full-length. For the last couple of months, The Risque has been busy working on these songs in the studio in an effort to bring this new chapter, which will be entitled “For The Kids”, to a successful end. The final pieces of the puzzle are being put together as we speak and according to insiders, it will exceed all expectations!


- "The Risque" EP / '08

- soundtrack for skateboard-movie "Hello From The Underground" '10

- "For The Kids" LP / expected release 01/'11